Which are the best gadgets to look better?

Rejuvenating is not a matter of long days of exercise and plastic surgeries; now, technology is available to everyone and there is a wide variety of devices that make looking good easy and simple from the comfort of our own home

Which are the best gadgets to look better?

If technology is at the service of our life, it is also at the service of our beauty. For this reason, during the last years a series of devices have been developed that are portable, the size of an iPhone, and that, compared to other beauty treatments, are affordable and accessible to everyone. The alternatives are variable: from options for oral care, to those for facial cleansing.

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Wet and Dry Reveal

Brand: Remington


With two headers, one special for wet skin and the other dry, this device, similar to a brush, is ideal to soften the skin and to stimulate circulation and proper functioning of the lymphatic system. The device has a button that when pressed produces a massage that makes circular movements. It is recommended, during its use, to pass it through the body in elongated movements, for example from the ankle to the knee. Its use is ideal in the mornings. It is quick and can be configured in two speeds.


Luna 2

Brand: Foreo


The device is designed to be part of the routine of facial cleansing in the morning and at night, because it is silicone, resistant to water, and has a texture similar to that of a brush that when passing over the complexion, helps to cleanse. Ideal for men and women, Luna fits in the palm of the hand not only removes dead skin cells but also helps to recover luminosity. The device comes in two presentations, a small travel-sized one, and a large one.


Dental whitening kit

Brand: Trés Bright


Now, without having to leave home, it is possible to access a teeth whitening. With this device, in just 10 minutes a day, it is possible to have a white smile. The device has a tray in the form of denture, where a bleaching gel is introduced and then the bite. Once each tooth is covered with the gel, press a button of LED light that will automatically turn off after ten minutes. After seven days of use you begin to see results.


Time control

Brand: Talika


Dark circles, bags, and wrinkles around the eyes can be prevented with this device, which through a red and orange light (anti aging and pro restoration) stimulates the production of collagen and reduces the micro-inflammations that arise as a result of aging and fatigue. Its use begins to generate results after 15 days, because naturally the skin of the contour is filled and becomes firmer. For better results, we recommend the use of a targeted treatment in the area.


Lumea Prestige

Brand: Philips


Inhibit the appearance of facial and hair hair is now possible without pain and without shaving. A bit smaller than a dryer, this device that has pulsed light technology is enough to see definitive results in the treated areas after 15 days of use. Gone are the wax and the blades, Lumea Prestige removes the hair leaving the skin soft and without using cables. The device also has two accessories: one for a safe facial treatment and one for a specialized treatment in the hair of the bikini area, all from home.


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