#MeToo: Will the stalker cease to be a passive role?

Women in Latin America and other parts of the world have been denouncing millions of cases of sexual abuse or harassment


From Europe to America, through Africa, Asia and Oceania. Millions of testimonies with similar characteristics and the same denominator: "That the aggressor continues having a passive role".

After years of repetitive cases where women are raped by Uber drivers, harassed by their bosses or co-workers, where they receive uncomfortable insinuations on the street, they are harassed by their peers during sports activities or by their compatriots when using public transport.

In all these cases the majority is unpunished because the victims are silent. According to United Nations (UN) Women, "At least 40% of women who have experienced this type of sexual violence have asked the authorities for help. However, in much of Latin America women tend to remain silent because they are tried and their case remains in impunity. "

#MeToo has been the platform for many to break the silence, making known something that for years had been kept for shame, fear or that they did not want to admit. It is the first step to do justice. However, this requires a name and surname, to expose the harasser and once and for all to stop being a passive actor in this situation. This is the only way to stop cases of sexual abuse: taking charge of the crime.

The executive director of the Women for Colombia Foundation, Isabel Londoño, told the national journal El Tiempo that the solution "is a system where there are specialized judges in these cases and where these are resolved in a short time." #MeToo was able to show reality of millions of women, who live from leaving their homes to studying or working, when they move around the city, in the day, at night or even in family gatherings. However it has to stop and women through social networks put all the cards on the table to expose the situation and something is done about it, failing to blame the woman and not the real culprit.


This initiative is a response to #MeToo hastag, waiting to see the reaction of men to the problem that affects women daily. However, his influence did not come as much as #TWASME that left comments on social networks rather more revealing and help to evidence the true perpetrators of sexual violence.

"I've done things that I'm ashamed of and I wish I could change, but I've decided to keep quiet. I can only work to be a better person”

"I've done things that I'm ashamed of and I wish I could change, but I've decided to keep quiet. I can only work to be a better person”. Their answers were unexpected, but they serve the culprits to take an active role and stop hiding. However, in terms of sex crimes, much remains to be done, but in telling it is already a breakthrough.


Latin American Post | Vivian Viacava

Copy edited by Laura Rocha Rueda

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