Playboy could disappear due to Hefner's death

The iconic Playboy Mansion is now at risk

Playboy could disappear due to Hefner's death 

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This past September 27th, what many would call as controversial, perverse or unscrupulous man Hugh Hefner, the owner and creator of the acclaimed Playboy bunnies and everything that is known today with that name, passed away due to natural causes, he was 91 years old and he passed away in his mansion known as the Playboy Mansion or the bunny house

Faced with this unpleasant situation and with the nostalgia of his followers, friends and faithful life companions, a new piece of news was unveiled: the mansion might disappear. According to data from La Nación, El Universal and other media, the reason why the mansion would cease to exist is because of a millionaire known as Daren Metropoulos, owner of the property adjoining the mansion which acquired the last year with 100 million dollars and Hefner resided there with the condition that it was until the day of his death.

Daren Metropoulos, the property's owner, might take the Mansion down and use the land for something else

After Hefner's death, Motropoulos would have full use of the land and with this make them what the owner prefers, unfortunately, his plans are not to continue with the events that Hugh did, with great celebrities and all kinds of people and it will not be called Playboy Mansion any more.

This mansion was built in the 1920s, there Hefner made all kinds of events because it had a very luxurious infrastructure and well thought out so that the fun would never be extinguished; it had Hugh's offices, its huge room, a movie theater, a vast library, in the back you could see exotic animal species worthy of a zoo such as flamingos, peacocks, and monkeys. Also, there is El Grotto, a cave-like pool that was space for many adventures in addition to those that occurred inside the mansion.

There was also a section called Game House that was the room with a pool table, some other games, a huge television, a refrigerator full of refreshing drinks such as beer and liquors, and a huge armchair. In the corridor of the second level of the main residence had photos with the main personalities of the world of entertainment and politics. Hefner appeared with Hillary Clinton, Jimmy Stewart, Johnny Carson, and Leonardo Di Caprio among many others. His ex-wife Kimberly Conrad lived in the next house where he raised his 2 children Marston and Cooper, she is now an executive of the Playboy Brand

After Hefner's passing, personalities like Pamela Anderson, Kim Kardashian, among other women published in their social networks what their departure meant to them, mainly that he was a radical man who formed a tendency that to the date endures since its creation in the in the 1950s, he fought for civil rights and was part of a generation that made its way to sexual freedom.


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