“Avatar: The Way Of Water”: The Most Innovative Technological Proposal Of 2022

James Cameron returns with the sequel to one of his greatest movie hits. Is it as good as many expected? Read our review of “Avatar: The Path of Water”.

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With almost 3 billion dollars in worldwide grosses, “Avatar” today boasts of being the highest-grossing film in cinema history. Now, 13 years after that success, “Avatar: El Camino del Agua” appears on the big screen with one purpose: to equal and surpass its predecessor. To do this, they present an equally magical story and an innovative technological proposal that will captivate viewers.

It should be remembered that, for a sector of critics, the 2009 film was not entirely enthusiastic about its narrative. However, the natural beauty behind that project lies in the revolutionary special effects that made it a truly immersive experience. And it is that this fusion between photographic and synthetic images marked the historical path through which the world that surrounds “Avatar” travels.

Now, what is “El Camino del Agua” about? As the title indicates, this time, we will see the expansion of the limits of Pandora, more precisely, its seas and oceans. Here, we will also witness a family plot starring Jake and Neytiri again, who, together with their children, will explore other regions of the planet while fleeing from the problems that human beings will bring again.

The time it took director James Cameron and his team to make the film was well worth it as they presented us with a revolutionary new way of shooting underwater with their digital effects. Regarding the cast, Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldaña, Stephen Lang, and Sigourney Weaver return to lead this second installment, while the new acquisitions are in charge of Kate Winslet, David Thewlis, and Jamie Flatters.

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A Visual Jewel Of CinemaIf something must be clear about “Avatar: El Camino del Agua”, it is that it is a work that stands out due to the impressive details that flood the screen. Those who already know what this story is about understand that visually, it will be an unforgettable adventure since the elaboration of the world of Pandora is exceptional in every way. Everything looks and feels natural, whether it’s the characters’ gestures or the appearance of different fish species in the seas.

This time, the plot doesn’t focus entirely on Jake and Neytiri. Both are now parents to three children, a Na’vi girl and a human teenager born at the Pandora base they adopted, who will carry much of the film’s plot weight. The characters are clear archetypes and do not have a novel development, but that is no excuse for not becoming fond of their experiences and occurrences. It is worth mentioning that Jake and Neytiri are now part of the legacy and only appear at decisive moments.

One of the most notable points of the film is the ease of expanding the world of Pandora since it is built on the solid foundations of the first installment. Here, hand in hand with the protagonists, we explore and discover exotic places that are part of an ecosystem that is deeper than we thought. In addition, they introduce us to the water clans of the Na’vi, a different race with physiognomies that adapt to aquatic life that, according to the producers, are inspired by the Polynesian peoples.

At the same time, one of the main reasons why “Avatar: El Camino del Agua” took so long to be released should not be neglected: its visual effects. The commitment, care, and dedication in each setting and frame are evident, and just as it happened with the forests and jungles of the 2009 film, it also occurs in the oceans and seas of this film. We could list every detail capable of impressing viewers, such as the biological structures and realistic movements of the new creatures. Still, it is one of cinema’s best representations of the underwater world.

Likewise, another point worth noting is James Cameron’s winks towards himself. Eventually, the plot will follow toward an epic final battle between the Na’vi and the colonizing humans, where we will see iconic elements of the director’s filmography. And it is that we will find fierce moments as witnessed at the end of “Terminator 2”, as well as a slight reaction of fear towards the immensity of the sea as in “Titanic,” all this together to recreate a unique euphoria with new technologies.

However, if there is something that could make “Avatar: El Camino del Agua” an unattractive movie, it is its script. Like its predecessor, this one also bets on a standard and not very innovative formula, which it prefers to avoid experimenting with to have a massive reception in theaters. Also, although he could err on the side of melodrama, Cameron manages to balance the scales with his plot management and magnificent technological section.

In short, the second installment of “Avatar” is a mandatory recommendation to close in 2022 and start in 2023. The most peculiar thing about it is the extensive and still little-explored ecosystem, whose beauties remain in the mysterious depths. More than a movie, this is a cinematic experience to be appreciated from beginning to end. Everything is ready to enjoy new adventures in Pandora for the third part.

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