Marijuana: the legalization of a new market

The progressive legalization has opened various doors for the creation of a promising industry

Marijuana: the legalization of a new market

Marijuana made its debut a few years ago, even before 2014, in the world markets with what seemed favorable results. Laboratories, pharmaceutical industries, and producers seemed eager to implement the use of the plant in today’s health area. Due to this, the conditions necessary for the adequate growth of the drug became a priority in order to find a whole new line of business.

On April 5th, 2017, the brand Horizons Medical Marijuana Life Science ETF entered the stock market earning a 5% profits in just two days of quotation. For this reasons, the news about the future legalization of this crop in countries like the United States and Canada, as well as the medical advances made with the active components of the plant, reaffirm the trust that is being instilled among investors, giving, as a result, an interesting diversification of related products and services.

Here are companies that took advantage of progressive legislation:


-Aphira Inc NPV (OTC: APHQF) 460%

This Canadian company sells several types of cannabis oils for medicinal use.


-Aurora cannabis in Com NPV (OTC: ACBFF) 518%

Specialized in the shipment of medical marijuana, they even have an app to make ordering easier.  They have created their own seal of quality that ensures users that the plant has been previously tested in the laboratory and it’s free of gamma radiation.


-Cannabis General Corp. (OTC: fixed) 669.1 percent.

They define themselves on their website as "The all-in-one to find the highest quality service providers for the regulated cannabis industry”. The most curious thing about this company is that the management team is full of men with experience in the stock market.


-Cannabis Sativa Inc (OTC: CBD) 762.9 percent.

This company not only focuses on the sale of cannabis and industrial hemp products, but also on innovation.


-THC Biomed Intl LT Com NPV (OTC: THCBF) 1.370 percent.

“Work on the science of the marijuana plant” seems to be the basis of the business; from training in horticulture, to the integration of innovative production methods to increase performance, third-party analytical tests (in all stages of growth) are always putting emphasis on the medicinal field.


Latin American Post | Daniel Aldana

Copy edited by Susana Cicchetto

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