Venezuela: What happened to the CLAP boxes?

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The Christmas CLAP boxes generated uproars 

The Christmas CLAP boxes generated uproars
Residents complain that they have not received the food boxes, toys and other things promised by the government

The Local Supply and Production Committees (CLAP) arrived on April 2016 through the Grand Mission of Sovereign Supply of the Government of Nicolás Maduro as a mechanism to defeat "the economic war". The CLAP works as a model of direct distribution throughout the country for the sale of food bags at subsidized prices to the people registered in local committees.

Criticism of the opposition and a large sector of the Venezuelan population consists of a parallel distribution system with an adverse effect to which the government estimated. Since its implementation, the CLAP boxes have come to promote the shortage, hoarding, and speculation of prices.

Millions of families depend on subsidized food boxes and bags that the government deals out due to the increase in prices and the fall of purchasing power in Venezuela.

Critics say mishandling of the economy and rampant corruption are the culprits.

The government of Nicolás Maduro offered in the Christmas CLAP boxes pork, but said boxes never arrived. “What happened to the food? They sabotaged us”, stated Nicolás Maduro as he explained that the lack of pork was the fault of Portugal, where the contents of the packages where bought.

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Due to this, many protests and riots have been seen throughout the country. Although many argue that the protests are for many reasons, such as insecurity, inflation and political instability, there is no doubt that the famous pork was the cherry on top.


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