What will the biggest fashion trends of 2018 be?

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From fanny packs to plastics we’ve got you covered on what to put in your closet this year 

What will the biggest fashion trends of 2018 be?

Sequins and glitter are going to be everywhere this year, according to Haper’s Bazaar. Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs, Gucci, Chanel and Versace have all included sequins and glitter in their collections this season. The sparkling sequins are set to be a big hit during the summer and they will also be seen on sweatshirts. 

For the spring time try to wear pastel colors like pink, lilac, blue and lemon. Lavender and ultra violet are the colors that will be seen in many pieces. Open your closet and layer up on those ice cream shades. Trench coats are also going to be popular during the spring time. 

You can put your big sunglasses away this year because small sunglasses are here to stay. Small skinny sunglasses will be everywhere in stores; Puma released a collection with Fenty that has a sporty edge to them. Fanny packs of different styles and colors are very much in this season. 

Also, this season’s trend for transparency will be seen everywhere. Calvin Klein introduced the concept of plastic last fall and now it’s being carried to this year by popular demand. Transparent knee high boots and bags are some of the accessories you want to shop for; sheer dresses, skirts, shorts and coats are also a trend this year. Designers like Chanel and Valentino have also taken up this futuristic looking trend. 

Extra texture is a major trend this year so expect to see ruching and ruffles everywhere. This can be seen in dresses, skirts and purses. Ruching is comfortable to wear and is adaptable to all body types. Tory Burch, Givenchy and Valentino all have designed dresses for the spring. 

Many designers are adding fringe to everything from bags to dresses. Fringe will be seen in many different colors and layers. Alexander Wang, Calvin Klein and Dior are some of the designers that have introduced fringe to their collections.

During the spring and summer time forget about the skirts and grab yourself some shorts. Shorts of different types of style are going to be a top trend. Tailored, skinny and even cycling shorts will be everywhere in stores. 

Bold bright colors will be seen throughout the entire summer. Christopher Kane and Stella McCartney included bold pieces to their summer collection. Fuchsia, tropical green and yellow are the summer colors to wear during those hot months. 

Men could also incorporate these trends IGNORE INTO their wardrobe. 80’s inspired clothing is going to be a trend in men’s fashion during the spring and summer time. Pastel colors with a suit jacket and light wash jeans is a popular choice according to GQ. Wearing all white everything is also part of the 80’s popular trend. 

Lilac is the popular color for women this season and “millennial pink” is the color for men’s fashion. The millennial pink is a tone between blush and other pink hues. Tom Ford designed a pair of light pink jeans while Fendi and Valentino incorportated pink pieces to their collections. 

Fashion Week is right around the corner so here are the dates:

  • New York- February 8th-16th 
  • London- February 16th-20th
  • Milan- February 21st-27th
  • Paris- February 27th-March 6th
  • The men’s fashion week is in Paris from January 17th till the 21st.


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