Latina fashion influencers you should know

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These 8 Latin American women are taking the fashion world by storm

Latina fashion influencers you should know

Luisa Fernanda Espinosa (616K Instagram followers). The stylist, creative consultant and contributor for Harper’s Bazaar Mexico and Latin America is a regular at fashion weeks in New York and Milan, where she’s always accompanied by Alonso Mateo, her 10 year old son. The mother-son duo share a love for fashion, having a remarkably well-tailored yet eclectic aesthetic. Follow them on social media if you want to discover the most glamorous holiday destinations or want to see what a million dollar closet looks like.

Amelia and Elisa Ochoa the duo from @sisterlystyle (424K Instagram followers). With the Ochoa twins, readers get two instead of one fashionista. The Colombian sisters have a relaxed yet sophisticated aesthetic. They do interpret the boho style in a chic way, favoring unexpected bold colors and creating versatile looks which seem comfortable and sexy.

Jenny Lopez (297K Instagram followers). This stunning Medellin born beauty is a former model, who is known as one of the leading trendsetters in the Miami area. Her busy schedule sees her dividing her time between mommy duties, blogging, designing jewelry and contributing to Vogue Mexico. As a true latina woman, her style is a mix of vintage pieces with urban, chic designs. Jenny creates looks that are both colorful and bold, while maintaining that romantic twist which became her signature style.

Sofia Sanchez de Betak (163K Instagram followers) is a Buenos Aires born former model and current Art Director, designer and fashion consultant. The beautiful Argentine can be seen sitting front row at fashion weeks around the world, and when she’s not collaborating or inspiring designers, she’s exploring the most unexpected corners of the world. In 2015 she was included in the top featuring the 10 most influential women of Argentina.

Kelly Talamas de Rillet (94,5K Instagram followers). This Miami born beauty was the Creative Director of Vogue in Bogota, Colombia. Previously occupying the position of Editorial Coordinator and later, Editor-In- Chief for Vogue Mexico and Latin America. She’s one of the leading figures in the fashion industry and was included for three consecutive years in a row in the BoF500 List. Kelly’s pictures #postcardsfromlatinamerica are reason enough to follow her as she finds the most beautiful places in Latin America.

Brenda Diaz de Vega (82,6K Instagram followers). The Co-founder and Editor-In-Chief of Buro 24/ 7 Mexico and Latin America is one of the big fashion names when it comes to the Latin American market. Previous to her Buro 24/7 position, she was the Public Relations Director at Chanel Mexico and the Editor-In-Chief for Harper's Bazaar Mexico & Latin America. She’s the queen of understated elegance, having a polished yet very authentic style.

Tuti Barrera (63,1K Instagram followers). The Instagram page of this stunning Colombian model makes you fall in love with her native Colombia. Her images are love letters to Colombia and every detail is perfectly integrated and enhanced. Follow her if you dream about returning to Cartagena de Indias but also if you love the off-shoulder necklines, colorful prints and a very feminine aesthetic.

Sofia Espinosa Tcherassi (19,1K Instagram followers). The daughter of Colombian designer Silvia Tcherassi is a student at Parsons University in NYC and a regular on her mother’s social media profiles. She has an edgier approach to fashion than her mother and grandma, interpreting the family’s designs in a more modern way, in line with the millennial aesthetic. In the upcoming years, Sofia will surely become one of the most authentic Latin voices in fashion.


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