Chile: 3 incredible festivals that you can not miss

Exhibitions of art, music, theater and typical dances will take place in several cities of Chile in February

Chile: 3 incredible festivals that you cannot miss

Artistic expressions in different formats and in cities of great cultural richness of Chile will occur in this month of February. The magic of the unrepeatable is what makes art, music, dance, and exhibitions that truly nourish the soul. They also serve to remember the cultural heritage that this Latin American country has.

Cinema and more cinema

An afternoon of movies is an excellent plan to share with friends or family. That is why until the 4th of February the 42nd edition of the UC Film Festival is celebrated, one of the most important film meetings of the year, which takes place in the Cinema Room of the Extension Center of the Pontificia Universidad Católica from Chile.

This year, the Festival will present its traditional section of releases and the best of 2017 of Chilean cinema, as a retrospective of what this art is living in the nationally and internationally.

As something new that this edition will show, the UC Directors section will be held, which consists on presenting cinematographic works made by professors and students who have been linked to the Catholic University.

See the complete program at http://extension.uc.cl/cine/cartelera and enjoy a different cinema.

International Festival of Viña del Mar

As it has been a tradition since 1960, this year the Viña del Mar International Song Festival arrives to its 59th version, which will be held from February 20 to 25.

For decades, this Festival has been recognized as one of the most important musical gatherings in Chile, since it aims to encourage musical talent nationally and internationally. Therefore, it is one of the most important platforms for exhibitions and recognitions for composers, authors or musical performers.

Every year, music artists are invited to participate in the national competition and selection of foreign songs.

This year the Viña del Mar Festival will bring together renowned artists such as Miguel Bosé, Luis Fonsi, Carlos Vives, Jesse & Joy, CNCO, ZIon and Lennox, among others. Also, it will have the participation of comedians such as Alejandra Azcárate, Bombo Fica, Alison Mandel, Jenny Cavallo, among others.

Thus, if you want to participate and have the option to win with your song, know the Rules of the Competition at https://goo.gl/pNSjYS . You can also still get tickets to attend.

Tapati Festival on Easter Island

If you want to live a truly unique experience in one of the 20 most spectacular landscapes of South America, as is the Easter Island of Chile, you cannot stop celebrating the Tapati Rapa Nui Festival with the Moai population.

Sure, you will be dazzled by its beaches and the gigantic stone sculptures, being one of the artistic and cultural expressions of the population. Furthermore, you will be able to experience a party that has been celebrated for 40 years from February 2 to 17, date in which also it will be celebrated this year. It will count with a series of activities organized by the native population of the island where visitors from the world can also participate and enjoy their music, gastronomy, art and mythology. You can also witness skills competitions between couples, which belong to the families that have governed the place.

So it's time to book flights and rooms at the following link https://imaginaisladepascua.com/tapati-2018/  


Latin American Post | Luisa Fernanda Boada Téllez
Translated by Marcela Peñaloza

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