What are the hair color tendencies for 2018?

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Here you will find 5 hair-colors that will be seen throughout this year

What are the hair color tendencies for 2018?

The new year brings new fashion tendencies in terms of clothes, shoes, jewelry, beauty products, and -of course- hair. For 2018, in fashion hair trends you will find colors, haircuts, and hairstyles for all tastes.

According to Amparo Ortiz, Colombian hairstylist for over 20 years, it is important to highlight that the way tendencies are made has changed due to the irruption of technology and especially social networks.

For instance, Ortiz considers Pinterest as her main source of information to determine what it is fashionable not only in one region, but also globally. Years ago, trends were set depending on what Europe designers released in their seasons collections. Although designers and models still guide people on what it is fashionable, consumers have democratized trends by becoming digital influencers.

Thus, in accordance to Ortiz, who recently visited Europe to compare South American hairstyles, if you want to know how fashion is going to behave, you should be aware of what is trendy in social networks.

The following list is based on what we found with Ortiz looking IGNORE INTO Pinterest posts and what her clients have recently asked her to do.

What colors will be fashionable in 2018?

  1. Multicolor hair: A long time ago, dying hair with different colors stopped being a taboo. Wearing pastel and bright colors is already a trend. If you want to try new and different colors on your hair, it is recommendable to combine lilac, pastel green, pastel blue, and pastel pink. Moreover, If you want to wear brighter colors, you can combine blue, purple, red, and orange. According to Ortiz, this style is inspired on Unicorns and it highlights femininity, tenderness, and sweetness. She also explains that considering there is a mix of color, everybody can wear it.
  2. Extra clear blond or polar blond: Celebrities, such as Kim Kardashian, are using this color. The color is an extra clear blond that looks almost white or in some cases it can look grey. It is used with a little bit of black roots in the top. Since this color requires the hair to be greatly discolored, it is important to keep it hydrated. Ortiz recommends this color for women with caramel color skin.
  3. Blond extra clear degrade: This color is achieved by dyeing hair with different shades of blonde. Ortiz says that the hairstylist has to use a blonde base and clarify the color towards the end of the hair. The result is a blond degrade. Ortiz claims blond is not only for whit skin women; it can also be worn by brunets.
  4. Colored halfs and tips: This is a less risky version of multicolor hair. In this case, halfs and tips are dyed with colors such as fuchsia, lilac, or purple. High discoloration is required for colors to be clear but bright. If you want to try new colors but you are not sure to dye all your hair, wearing dyed halfs and tips can guide you to find a new hairstyle.
  5. One single color: If you do not want to use pastel or bright colors on your hair, here there are more traditional options. Ortiz expresses that colors such as ash tones, red shades, and uniform mahogany are also fashionable. The tone or shade has to be chosen depending on your skin color.

If you want to try a new hairstyle, you can put in practice these tendencies for 2018.

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