What are the Balenciaga's crocs?

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If you like comfortable and flashy shoes, this is your next purchase

What are the Balenciaga's crocs?

Balenciaga and Crocs have worked together to launch a very special line of shoes: Balenciaga Platform Crocs. The shoes are available in pink and tan, have a 10cm platform, and they also have pins on the top to give them an unique style.

When launching the shoes, Balenciaga twitted: “With the Women Spring Summer 18 runway show, Balenciaga launches the “Foam” shoes, a 10 cm platform version of the iconic @Crocs clog”.

Demna Gvasalia -for Balenciaga- originally designed these shoes, and they were introduced on a runway back in October in Paris. Now, both Crocs and Balenciaga expect these crocs to be used by a larger population. Apparently, people are also willing to do it since there are no longer pairs available after the pre-order at Barney’s.

 There is no halfway point: you either love or hate Balenciaga Platform Crocs

The price for the crocs has been set on $850 dollars, and they were available to pre-order at Barney’s on February 1. Besides the flamboyant design, which is similar to original Crocs’ style, what it is most impressive is that they are already sold out.

As it was expected, the showy design has both detractors and fans. People on the first group, such as Kylo Blossom and Busissiwe via Twitter, have expressed that the launch of Balenciaga Platform Crocs means “the end of the world” or the arriving of a “tragic fashion era”. However, people on the second group have expressed their love to the shoes by running out every available pair. This demonstrates that with these shoes, there is no halfway point: you either love them or hate them.

Balenciaga Platform Crocs are already sold out

Balenciaga brand

It was founded by Spanish designer Cristobal Balenciaga in 1919. Nowadays, the brand concentrates on haute couture, pret-a-porter, and jewelry, among others. In terms of shoes, Balenciaga’s products are high demanded because of its original designs. Balenciaga Platform Crocs are just an example of the audacity that the brand performs.

In fact, Balenciaga’s product have been exposed on museums. For instance, in 1973, during seven months, the Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibited 180 Balenciaga’s models. The exhibition also counted with pictures and plays made by Goya, Velasquez, Picasso, among others.

Additionally, there is a Balenciaga Museum. It was inaugurated in 2011 in Guetaria –were Cristobal Balenciaga was born-. It possess over 1200 fashion pieces and they are exhibited in a rotatory way because of the pieces delicacy.

Most of the pieces have been donated or are under loan. Some of the most recognized pieces were donated by Rachel L. Mellon (Paul Mellon’s wife), Sonsoles de Icaza, and Grace Kelly. The first director of the Museum was Javier González de Durana. Later, in 2014 the position was occupied by Miren Vives Almandoz.


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