Five male plus size models you should know

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Here you will find a list with some of the most recognized fashion guys in this industry

Five male plus size models you should know

Fashion industry is usually related to women and products made for them. However, although it is not as socially recognized as women business, there are also male models and products designed exclusively for them.

Furthermore, a market that is being opened is the plus size industry. Nowadays, female mannequins such as Ashley Graham, Olivia Campbell, Naomi Shimad, Andrea Michelle, among others, are globally recognized for the inclusion they stand for. In the male spot, although there are not as recognized as the afore female models, there are male plus size mannequins who represent men who do not fit the usual beauty common standards.

In this list, you can find five male plus size models from different countries who empower men to accept different beauty types.

  1. Kelvin Davis: He is a model and a life style blogger. Both in his Instagram and his blog, named Notoriously Dapper, he empowers men to have a positive body image in order to embrace who men are. He started his blog to no longer feel ashamed about his size and to show men there are different ways to look fashion regardless advertisement. His post document personal fashion styles that inspired men around the world. He is also the author of a book –also called- Notoriously Dapper which portrays “how to be a modern gentleman with manners, style, and body confidence”. In his Instagram page,@notoriouslydapper, he has over 67000 followers and nearly 2000 posts.
  2. Steven Martin: This model is from Germany and has signed for Bridge Models London –which is dedicated to represent curvy models and plus size modelling, Egos Models –specialized in plus size model and female diversity, and East West Models –that manages both curvy and traditional models-. In his Instagram page, @steven_plussize_male_model, he is constantly posting selfies and pictures where he is posing. Steven has almost 11.000 followers and over 200 posts. Martin’s style is characterized by being casual chic.
  3. Syed Saud Sohail: This model is from Canada and he is also life style blogger. His style is categorized as a Preppy guy who wears typical High School clothes. In his Instagram page, @theprepguy, he posts pictures of himself, his daily life, and different brands. He has almost 27.000 followers and about 1230 posts. His blog page, also called The Prep Guy, started as a personal digital diary. However, it has evolved and it has become a page to find styling and fashion tips.
  4. Riccardo Onorato: This model, born in Naples, Italy, is characterized by his punk chic style. Besides being a model, Riccardo is also a life style blogger, whose posts include selfies, food, beauty products and trends, among others. He has a blog called Guy Overboard and he writes about shopping, life style, and beauty reviews. In his Instagram page, @guyoverboard, he has almost 70.000 followers and over 4000 posts. In his blog, he highlights there are different types of bodies so there are different types of beauty.
  5. Michael-Anthony Spearman: According to his blog, called The Big Fashion Guy, this model is an upcoming menswear designer located in Detroit, Michigan. Both in his blog and Instagram page, @thebigfashionguy, he documents his life style and the urban big and tall fashion gentleman style. He is specialized in big and tall men as he is. Spearman advices them with fitness, styling, and grooming tips. In his Instagram page, he has over 32000 followers and over 2100 posts.


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