Why did Carolina Herrera step down as creative director?

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The Venezuelan, who has built a fashion empire for 37 years, will take a new job in her company as global brand ambassador

Why did Carolina Herrera step down as creative director?

Carolina Herrera, a Venezuelan designer globally known for her sophistication and elegance in all her creations, will leave the creative direction of her brand after 37 years. Herrera has built a glamorous empire with which she has dressed Hollywood stars, US first ladies, and royalty members.

The 79-year-old designer officially step out as Creative Director on Monday February 12, at the end of her 2018-2019 Fall-Winter runway show. The event took place at the Museum of Modem Art in New York Fashion Week. Herrera specified she will take a new role in her company as Global Brand Ambassador and her former position will be fulfill by Wes Gordon. He is a 31-year-old American designer who since 2017 has been with Herrera as executive consultant of the fashion house.

Although Gordon is unknown to the Latino public, he is a leading figure in the New York fashion spheres. He was trained by great industry figures such as Tom Ford and Oscar de la Renta. Furthermore, he has launched his own line of women's clothing, designs with which he has dressed celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Michelle Obama.

Luxury and sophistication with Latin American signature

María Carolina Josefina Pacanins, birth name of Carolina Herrera, was born in one of the most influential families of the Venezuelan high society. While living in New York in 1981, Herrera decided to start her career in the fashion world. Since then, she has made sophisticated outfits for Caroline Kennedy, Jhon F. Kennedy's only surviving daughter, and became the head designer of Jacqueline Kennedy.

All the first ladies of the United States, as Michelle Obama and Melanie Trump, have placed themselves in the hands of the style and elegance that only Carolina Herrera knows how to ensure. In Europe, personalities of royalty and politics like Queen Letizia have surrendered to the charms of her signature. Also, Hollywood stars such as Nicole Kidman, Renée Zellweger, Oprah Winfrey, Sofia Vergara, Lucy Liu, and Amy Adams have used her designs with confidence.

During her career, Carolina Herrera has received several awards granted by fashion and culture industry around the world. In 1997, she was awarded with the Gold Medal of the Spanish Institute of New York. In Spain, 2015, she was given the Gold Medal of the Fine Arts. In 2007, People magazine included her in the list of the 100 most influential Latinos in the world. Herrera received the CFDA award as a tribute to her achievements in 2008, among others.

Carolina Herrera positioned herself in the fashion elite with its timeless and elegant style that characterizes her. In 2016, the designer assumed the creative direction of her brand after the departure of the French-American director, Hervé Pierre. According to a statement issued by the talented Venezuelan designer last Friday, her step out as director will not represent an absence of the firm or a retirement of any kind; on the contrary, it will allow her to represent the brand and new projects globally.

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