¿Models or drones? The innovative proposal

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12 devices presented the new Dolce and Gabbana’s collection of bags

¿Models or drones? The innovative proposal

In the last Fashion Week in Milan, two of the best Italian fashion designers, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana surprised the audience with their show 'Fashion Devotion'. The collection plays with the duality between saints and sinners as well as devotees and detractors. The theme of this collection is linked with the church, the holy, and the profane.

and they walked the runway the rpcano which has suffered MNO nings of the Italian fashion house.However, although the presentation of Autumn-Winter collection was outstanding, what caught the public's attention was the use of drones. These devices strutted the runway and presented the new collection of bags. Before starting the show, viewers had to turn off their cell WiFi and put them in airplane mode so that the signal did not interfere with the drones parade. Additionally, the parade had two responsible for controlling these machines do not suffer any inconvenience.

The parade was projected on giant screens and social networks of the Italian fashion house. In previous versions, Dolce & Gabbana had made extraordinary productions with millennials models like Juan Pablo Zurita (prominent Mexican Youtuber), Lele Pons (Venezuela influencer), Pelayo Diaz (blogger and Spanish presenter), among others.

12 drones presented the new collection of bags

Susana Cicchetto, Colombian model says, "I think it is an interesting proposal. It is innovative and definitely, it gave a lot to talk about. The good news is that the drones will not be able to replace the work of the models, because the idea behind these is to see how certain items look on human bodies. A drone does not have the human anatomy (for now, at least) then this staging seems great, but I do not see it as something that will affect the fashion world".

"The good news is that the drones will not be able to replace the work of the models" Susana Cicchetto

In contrast, El Universal says that a new era is coming in the fashion industry, because apparently the industry will include machines instead of models. We will have to wait to see how the industry develops and find out if machines -such as drones- will replace famous mannequins.


Latin American Post | Marcela Peñaloza
Translated from " ¿Modelos o drones? Conozca la innovadora apuesta de Dolce y Gabbana