2019: The Koreas agree historic meeting for April

The Korean peninsula will have one of its the most important diplomatic meetings; the expectations are high

2019: The Koreas agree historic meeting for April

Since 1953, with the end of the Korean War, in the middle of the international political situation of the Cold War and based on the 38th parallel, the Korean peninsula suffered the cultural division that for many years before it tried to avoid, with the addition of that it was not only social, it was also political and economic. While the northern part of the peninsula (North Korea) submitted to the order of the Soviet Union, its counterpart (South Korea) assimilated the model of the United States. 65 years later, the situation remains the same.

Despite their constant enmities, in sports the two Koreas have stood out for their approach, so much so that they received the Third Millennium under the same banner at the Summer Olympic Games in Sydney in the year 2000 and later in the Athens Olympic Games. 2004. In addition to the act of good faith that the governments of Pyongyang and Seoul have had to gather for a few moments, under one roof, the families that were divided by the partition of the peninsula, becoming ephemeral moments with great sentimentality at regional and global level; Without discrediting these acts, the announcement that the envoy from Seoul to North Korea expressed on Tuesday to the world has become an unprecedented declaration since the partition of Korea.

Chung Eui-Yong, special envoy to Pyongyang told the international community that the summit between the two Koreas will take place in the Peace Village, located in Panmunjeon, a settlement located on the border of both nations. This meeting is the third one that will be given of this nature since in 2000 and 2007 there had been approaches of this type; however, the historical importance of this meeting is given by the act of the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, by promising that while this summit is taking place, North Korea will suspend the missile tests that the nation is constantly carrying out, in addition to expressing that these trials of military power will remain suspended until acceptable contact with the United States is established.

Chung said that the South and the North agree on the importance of creating a direct channel of communication to reduce political and military tensions in the peninsula, a sentence that marked the four hours of dialogue that lasted the meeting in Pyongyang. The next step is the one made by the South Korean delegation to travel this week to Washington to inform the US delegation about this approach with North Korea, despite having as a disbelief the same Donald Trump who has imposed the most severe sanctions against the government of Kim Jong Un in the entire history of the North Korean nation.

It is highlighted that this approach was made in the first instance thanks to the participation of North Korea in the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, where both delegations made themselves known under the same flag, the Unification flag Korean


Latin American Post | David Garcia

Translated from "2019: Las Coreas acuerdan histórica reunión para abril"

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