Things you should not do while pregnant

Here you will find a list of seven things that you should avoid while you are pregnant

Things you should not do while pregnant

Expecting a baby is one of the most beautiful moments in a woman’s life and, since we understand that the health and safety of your growing baby is essential, here’s a list of seven things that, according to Healthline, Baby Gaga, Mom Junction, and BygPub, you should NOT do while pregnant.

Don't overdo it with the caffeine: according to Healthline, 150 to 300 milligrams (mg) a day of caffeine, which can be found in tea, coffee, chocolate, sodas, and even certain over-the- counter medicines, should be fine. However, consuming the substance every day crosses your placenta and increases your blood pressure and heart rate. 

Heavy weight training: lifting heavy weights can lead to leaking and increases the chance of prolapse, which usually occurs when the ligaments holding up the pelvic floor stretch substantially during pregnancy and childbirth, causing the uterus to descend. Also, heavy weights can strain your back and pelvis, so if you need to lift anything, try to hold it close to your body and do not involve the back or twist while lifting.

Drinking alcohol: Baby Gaga warns you about consuming alcohol during your pregnancy: whilst you and your liver might be able to process a couple of glasses without any problems, this isn’t the case for your baby’s developing liver and since alcohol crosses the placenta, drinking poses a direct risk to your baby. Also, there is enormous evidence correlating alcohol consumption with deformities, certain defects and behavioral disorders. 

Dieting: pregnancy is definitely not the time to go on a diet. It is completely normal for you to worry about your weight, however, a few extra pounds are normal when you´re carrying your baby. If you decide to diet, you may end up being deficient in some important vitamins and minerals, such as iron, important for the function of red blood cells which carry oxygen, and folic acid. Remember to eat healthy and don’t embark on any drastic dietary programs.

Don´t sunbathe for too long: since your skin is more sensitive during this time, overheating may be very dangerous for your baby, especially during the first few months. Avoid saunas, hot baths, sun beds and remember to stay hydrated, since dehydration can cause premature labour. 

Vitamin A supplements: by consuming too much vitamin A, you greatly increase the risk of having a baby with birth defects or other problems. Natural sources of vitamin A are OK, but foods that are artificially supplemented (and most foods are) cause the problem. Just ensure you eat normally, start reading packaging to check you’re not overloading on vitamin A, and  consult your physician if you’re contemplating taking any supplement. 

Avoid getting stressed: getting depressed, overly worked up, and stressed could pose a number of problems and adversely affect your wellbeing and your unborn baby’s health. In order to avoid these feelings, go out to take a walk, put on some soothing music, or try yoga to stay chilled, relaxed, and pass through your pregnancy as serenely as possible.


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