How is Costa Rica’s team preparing for the 2018 World Cup?

The Costa Rican coaching staff is implementing a series of details to face the world cup

How is Costa Rica’s team preparing for the 2018 World Cup?

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The Costa Rican soccer team has been doing a planned preparation through rigorous analysis for the 2018 World Cup in Russia. It is important to recall that 'La Sele' is in Group E and will face great rivals like Brazil, Switzerland, and Serbia. Costa Rica will debut against Serbia on June 17.

The coach of the squad, known as 'Tica', Oscar Ramirez wants the team to surprise again and surpass what was done in Brazil 2014. For this reason, it is important to consider five elements that the Costa Rican players have been using in their preparation with a view to the soccer world appointment.

  1. Maximum privacy: The Costa Rican team will be concentrating on the city of St. Petersburg and a series of demands have been made. Two of the requirements were the construction of a gymnasium and a high wall that does not allow the practices of the team to be observed. Coach Óscar Ramírez has said that he wants 100% privacy for the squad and pretends to have a lot of concentration.
  2. Emphasis on physical preparation: In turn, the physical trainer, Erick Sánchez, was in charge of taking decisions in order to observe the physical loads. During his visit to St. Petersburg, Sanchez made a measurement of the routes that hotel players will take to train. Also, the topic of extra help was analyzed in which a member of the coaching staff will have information with an analyst during the World Cup. In this way, the staff can receive statistics, observe different physical parameters, and obtain several images regarding the performance of the players.
  3. Analysis of the players with videos: Ramírez has assistants who are analyzing the matches of the Costa Rican League. They have been in charge of seeing the movements of the players and the positions in which they perform better. "The Federation provides us with a very important video tool called Instat that allows us to analyze a lot", said Ramírez. Likewise, Ramírez added that the plays are constantly seen, returned, analyzed and continue to observe every detail with rigor.
  4. Objectives in the friendly games: Costa Rica will play two friendly games against Scotland and Tunisia and there are several aspects to enhance. There are three important factors that they want to strengthen, such as: international dynamics, play under pressure, and defensive mobility. The 'Macho' Ramírez says that the international dynamic is fundamental because it makes the players know what they should do with the ball. In addition, the technician wants to observe several variants of mobility in the defensive zone and believes that this will be achieved by “reading” the matches well.
  5. Constant follow-up to the rivals: The Costa Rican coaching staff has been following the teams that will face in Russia. Therefore, they will face Scotland and Tunisia in friendlies because they are very similar to the Serbs and the Swiss in their style of play. Ramirez said Brazil, Switzerland, and Serbia are strong because they are doing a combination game that can complicate the matches to any team. In the same way, the team has made a permanent study of these casts and believes that it is motivating to face 'La Canarinha' and overcome great challenges.

These five aspects have been essential in the preparation of Costa Rica facing the 2018 World Championship of Russia. The 'Ticos' are excited and aspire to be protagonists in a new orbital appointment where they hope to overcome what they did in Brazil 2014.


Latin American Post | Daniel Cuevas
Translated from " ¿Cómo se prepara Costa Rica para el Mundial de Rusia 2018? "


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