Which foods help with memory loss?

Various nourishments provide healthy nutrients that improve the ability to learn and retain information

Which foods help with memory loss?

Leer en español: ¿Cuáles son los alimentos que ayudan a tu memoria?

Our brain is one of the most important organs since it processes sensory information, controls and coordinates movement, behavior, feelings and may end up giving priority to homeostatic bodily functions. This is why it is good to nourish it with high quality products and take extra precautions so the brain can perform its functions in the best possible way.

According to Joy Bauer, author of Food Cures and nutrition expert on NBC's Today Show, "having a good memory depends on the total number of brain cells, the connection between them and your health."

The following foods contain nutrients that stimulate the temporal lobes and storage of information, so it is convenient to include them in your diet to consume them regularly.

1. Fish : more than half of the human brain is composed of fatty acids that are responsible for the function and structure of the brain. That's why fish such as tuna, salmon and sardines are recommended. These species, containing omega 3, help to learn and then remember the information we have learned.

2. Coffee : although the benefits and risks of this product for health are debated regularly, a study carried out at Johns Hopkins University, published in the journal Nature Neuroscience, shows that caffeine can boost memory up to 24 hours after having consumed it. In addition, it allows us to be more alert and absorb more information about our environment.

3. Red fruits : According to a study conducted at Harvard University, women who eat at least one cup of blackberries and strawberries a week, experience a 2.5-year delay in mental deterioration compared to women who did not consume them. Plum, raspberries, cherries and especially blueberries are also excellent foods for the brain. These foods contain a lot of antioxidants and fight against free radicals that degenerate the internal organs and the skin.

4. Eggs : being fat-free, the egg contains proteins and vitamins that make it an ideal food for brain activity.

5. Broccoli: this green vegetable is considered one of the best foods for the brain, because it contains a high level of content of choline and vitamin K. These will help to keep the memory of the person alive.

6. Apple : if you prefer sweet foods, apples have a large amount of quercetin, which protects the brain from degenerative disorders and helps fix the knowledge better.

7. Black chocolate : because it is rich in antioxidants and flavonoids, this food helps increase blood circulation to the brain and improves concentration, memory and response to stimuli.

As you see, you do not need to make big changes in your diet to help your memory improve day by day. So, what are you going to eat today?


Latin American Post | Luisa Fernanda Báez 

Translated from "¿Cuáles son los alimentos que ayudan a tu memoria?"

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