Cure your fear of flying with these apps

Tried and tested by yours truly- a frequent flier who’s still very much afraid of flying

Cure your fear of flying with these apps

In 1903, Orville Wright piloted the world’s first flight and since then aviation took giant steps that changed mankind for good. Conquering the skies was not an easy task and it took incredible technology advancements until the world had its first commercial flight and passengers could finally enjoy transatlantic trips. Commercial flights changed the way we travel, opening new frontiers to us.

Today, the glamour of the 1950s and 1960s disappeared from flying and most of us got used to the convenience of air travel but there is still a drawback that keeps many travelers averse to aircrafts and flights. No matter if you’re an occasional traveler or frequent flier, or if you travel for business or leisure, you might still be afraid of flying and there’s nothing to be ashamed of. Aviophobia affects 1 in 3 adult Americans and, according to The Sun, roughly 20% of the world travelers experience some form of anxiety while flying, so if you are the anxious type, bellow is a list of apps destined to calm your nerves during turbulences or panic attacks episodes.

Tried and tested by yours truly- a frequent flier who’s still very much afraid of flying.

Valk also known as the Fear of Flying App- was designed by the VALK Foundation, one of the first centers for aviophobia treatment in the world. This Flight App is destined to ease any flying-related stress and make the air travel experience more appealing and relaxing. Think of Valk as your personal in- flight therapist, someone who’s going to accompany you every step of the way. Already before departure you can add your flight details and the app will guide you through every moment of your journey. The Facts section will answer questions related to air travel or the aircraft, and the Relaxation Techniques will do the rest. This section is perfect for easing any possible tensions and overcoming your fears through breathing and calming exercises. While using Valk you’ll feel like having both your meditation guru and therapist with you for the entire duration of the fight. The Panic Button feature will instantly trigger an audio message that is intended to calm you down by employing different breathing and meditation techniques.

Sky Guru provides updated and actual info about your personal flight. The app is guiding you though the entire flight process, from taxi to takeoff, mid-flight and landing. The only thing the user needs to do is insert prior to boarding some flight details (e.g.: airline, flight number). Once the app located the flight, it will generate real life weather reports, turbulence reports and possible flight paths. It’s like being constantly in contact with the pilot, getting an insight IGNORE INTO the cockpit. Sky Guru is extremely user friendly and it works even in “airplane mode”.

Turbcast is the app that deals with flight turbulences. It uses actual aviation weather reports and comes up with turbulence predictions. The user is required to appoint the departure and arrival airport and the app will do the rest. Unfortunately, the geographical area is restricted and the app has coverage only in the USA, Mexico, Canada, UK, Western Europe and some areas of the Caribbean (Cuba, Dominican Republic, St Lucia, Trinidad).


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