Draft 2018: What are the best options in the NFL?

The Annual Player Selection Meeting will be held at AT & T Stadium Arlington, Texas from April 26 to 28

Draft 2018: What are the best options in the NFL?

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The historic headquarters of the Draft was New York until 2015 and then it was moved to Chicago. In 2017, Philadelphia was at the Museum of Art, a show that attracted more than 250,000 fans.

For the 2018 Draft, more than 14 cities were nominated, but in October of last year it was decided that the Cowboys would be the first team to hold the event in an NFL stadium. For the next few years, there are many expectations of what the venues will be, where Canton, Ohio, home of the NFL Hall of Fame, is positioned as the favorite.

The Draft is the NFL's seedbed, college graduates and new generation players are eligible for the first time. For a player to be eligible, he must have three minimum years outside of secondary education.

In the first years of the event, the selections were made based on rumors and the projection of the players in the written press. By the middle of the 20th century, teams innovated the use of scouts (talent hunting), a phenomenon that is widespread in practically all modern sports.

In the annual draw, the teams take their turn according to the reverse position of their classifications in the previous season, with the argument of increasing competitiveness. However, since the formalization of the posts, the teams enter into a fierce negotiation in search of players and positions in the selection contest, between the marketing expectations of the franchises and the sports needs of the technicians. This event is an auction where tensions, testosterones, and absurdities bloom.

For the contest of 2018, the expectations of the new prospects are not lacking and the analysts speculate in relation to the selections that the teams take. These are the best options for the Draft:

  • The 21-year-old Saquon Barkley rider has broken all the records of the Pennsylvania State University and is the most attractive player to be selected. It has been 23 years since a running back is not the first global selection in a Draft, but the numbers that he presents and all its physical strength make him the ideal selection of the Cleveland Browns (being the first to select) giving a growth to their offense .
  • The quarterback Josh Rosen, from UCLA, raises the interest of the New York Giants, seconds in the selection. Rosen, with a 60.9% effectiveness in completed passes, represents the opportunity to generate a replacement for the big apple team.
  • The New York Jets, third in the selection list, are in need of a good passer and Josh Allen of the University of Wyomin is an option.

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