Russia 2018: Experience and youth in the Panamanian defense

The players, Roman Torres and Fidel Escobar, hope to take the 'canaleros' to the top in the 2018 World Cup in Russia

Russia 2018: Experience and youth in the Panamanian defense

Panama will play its first World Cup in Russia 2018 and will have in its defense the experience of Roman Torres and the youth of Fidel Escobar. These two center backs have had a great performance in the Soccer League of the United States and want to make history with the 'canaleros'.

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Both players give leadership to the Panamanian defense and print hierarchy and order in the squad directed by Hernán 'Bolillo' Gómez. Their goals are focused on Russia where they expect Panama to surprise in the Group G where they will face Belgium, England, and Tunisia.

How do Torres and Escobar complement each other in the Panamanian National Team?

Torres, nicknamed as the 'Wall', has been responsible for transmitting all his experience to Escobar who receives the nickname of 'Commander'. Román Torres is a defender of great hierarchy and excellent level, while Escobar has been responsible for learning a lot from him.

Both players are central defenses that have a great tactical order within the field, their movements are well coordinated, and have speed. In addition, they are excellent leaders, have the virtue of hitting the middle distance goal, transmit security, and motivate their teammates.

Roman Torres, a leader in Panama

Hernán Darío 'El Bolillo' Gómez has in his defense a leader like Roman Torres who has great conditions at the time of scoring. Torres is a center who always likes to win and is considered a hero in his country after having scored the goal of qualifying for the World Cup.

Torres is a strong player who is very well focused. He loves to win and keeps the goal at zero by controlling the opposing strikers. The 'Wall' believes that the Panamanian National Team is going to give the surprise in Russia, because he considers that the team is focused on achieving great things.

Currently, Torres acts with the Seattle Sounders of the North American League, where he is a key player in the team for his good performance. His commitment and effort within the field of play is very great, and he hopes that his country will surprise the world in this orbital event in Russia.

The youth and the desire of Fidel Escobar

At 23 years old, Escobar plays in the Red Bulls of New York and has become one of the most indispensable players in the cast. "I keep working intensively with the goal of being taken into account in the World Cup in Russia and for that I prepare myself day by day," said Escobar.

The player had the opportunity to participate in the U-20 World Cup that took place in 2015 in New Zealand, and managed to stand out in a great way. In the American League, Escobar has become one of the great figures and has been included in the ideal formations of the competition.

In addition, Escobar could become the successor of Torres, who will possibly retire from his selection after the 2018 World Cup in Russia. The "Commander" wants to be a protagonist with Panama and to give many joys to his country, which is very excited about this great challenge.

Both Torres and Escobar see the World Cup as a very important challenge, for which they feel great emotion to represent their country. The goal of these two defenders is to leave Panama at the top of the World Cup. Therefore, both are prepared in a great way to be protagonists.

Latin American Post | Daniel Cuevas
Translated from " Rusia 2018: Experiencia y juventud en la defensa panameña"


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