Is the sustainable lifestyle trend only for Coachella-going hipsters?

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With the Omnia Summit 2018, Costa Rica hosts the biggest event in Latin America in sustainable lifestyle

Is the sustainable lifestyle trend only for Coachella-going hipsters?

Omnia is an initiative that has at its core a higher idea and a transformative phase. Through the Omnia Summits, the founders intend to change people’s mindsets, pushing them to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle. As Costa Rica is committed to the environment, constantly being at the forefront when it comes to sustainable living, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Latin American country became the designated place for innovators and social disruptors to meet and discuss the future of the sustainable fashion and lifestyle industries.

The summits are intended as hubs for entrepreneurs, social innovators and optimistic, creative professionals who are serious about revolutionizing the future by using sustainable practices and methods.

Following the success of Costa Rica Fashion Summit 2017, social entrepreneur Andrea Somma-Trejos partnered with Carmen Busquets to create Omnia Summit 2018. This year event will take place on June 7, 8 and 9th 2018 in Avenida Escazú, San José and it will bring on stage more than 10 fashion thinkers and social entrepreneurs who are renowned for their sustainability strategies and social responsibility.   

The 3- day event features panels and presentations on: ocean advocacy, advancements in textile manufacturing, sustainable design and social innovation. There’s also an upcycling exhibition produced by university students.

Notable speakers at the 2018 Omnia Summit include:

  • Barranquilla native Nina Garcia. Known as the editor-in- chief of Elle US and as a judge on the reality television program Project Runway
  • Brazilian supermodel, actress and environmental activist Giselle Bündchen
  • Livia Firth- Oxfam Global Ambassador and the Founder and Creative Director of Eco Age Ltd. She's also a founding member of Annie Lennox’s ‘The Circle’ and a UN Leader of Change being recognized with the UN Fashion 4 Development Award.
  • Carmen Hijosa- a finalist of the 2015 Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards and the developer of a sustainable textile made of pineapple leaves’ fibres which can be used as an alternative to leather.
  • Paul Hawken- American green entrepreneur, bestselling author and activist.
  • Oskar Metsavaht- UNESCO Ambassador and founder and style director of Brazilian fashion brand Osklen
  • The Guatemalan fashion designer Isabella Springmuhl
  • Cameron Saul- founder of The Bottletop Foundation
  • Claudia Donaldson- London- based celebrated newspaper and magazine editor
  • Lucy Siegle- reporter on The One Show and British journalist and writer on environmental topics.

Beyond conferences and events, Omnia offers all year round mentoring events, providing support to emerging regional talents. Through these initiatives, young talents can learn from more established international publishing power players, designers and traders the ins and outs of their business. Through a partnership between Omnia and Vital Voices, the one-on-one mentoring program is currently training four emerging talents: Consuelo Melo, Pamela Hernandez, Melissa Quirós, and Amira Jalet. Under the Toribio mentorship, Araceli Graham- founder and curator of Cooperativa Shop will mentor Óscar Hernández- a leather accessory designer based in Costa Rica. Subsequent to the mentorship, Hernández will create and launch a special capsule collection for Cooperativa Shop. And last but not least, the De polvo y viento mentorship program sees jewelry designer Paula Mendoza mentoring Ana and María Fernanda Gavilan- the two sisters behind the De Polvo y Viento accessories brand.


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Copy edited by Laura Rocha Rueda