What does the future have in store for Rafinha, James and Vidal?

The 46-year-old croatá will take over the Club from July 1

What does the future have in store for Rafinha, James and Vidal?

The current champion of Germany will change of technician for the next season and the one chosen to command the ranks of the Club is Niko Kovac who in the past was a player and played in clubs such as Leverkusen, Hamburg, Bayern Munich and Hertha. Kovac has led few teams, among them the national team (Croatia) and currently directs the Eintracht Franckfurt where he has achieved great prominence due to the results he has obtained.

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With little experience as a coach, but with great achievements in his short career, Kovac saved the descent to Frankfurt and the following year took him to the Cup final where they were defeated becoming a "Hero" for the fans. Niko stands out for using the bands as generators of play and usually, as has been the case of Franckfurt, his favorite lineup is a 3-5-2 and his teams are characterized by a fairly fast game. He has referred on previous occasions to Robben and Ribéry highlighting the skills of both bands so surely they will be present in the team that competes in the Bundesliga the following season.

It is not yet known what will be the game system that the coach will implement in Bayern, however based on the type of men he has used in the last teams he has directed, James Rodriguez points in the plans of the Croatian given his agility, generation of game and speed to move in the field of game. Bayern in turn begins to rush to renew the contract with the Brazilian side "Rafinha" who has been usual in the lineup of Bayer for some time which would give signs that Kovac already had it in mind in his squad.

Arturo Vidal will be out for the remainder of the season because "he underwent surgery on his right knee on Augsburg Monday by Dr. Ulrich Boenisch.In this procedure, the previously diagnosed free joint body was eliminated. of the external meniscus, damaged by the joint free body, was surgically repositioned, Arturo Vidal will be low for the rest of the season. " The Chilean may not be present and his future is still unknown as there have been several speculations about his departure for Manchester United that has "King Arthur" as the perfect replacement for Paul Pogba.

Niko Kovac will take the reins of the team on July 1 of this year, the process of the young coach seems to be promising and several personalities of the world football and even some players of Bayern see as positive the arrival of the former player of Bayern to the technical direction. The technical assistant will be the younger brother Robert Kovac with whom he has this working relationship since the beginning of his career as a coach and although they have not had any participation in international tournaments as coaching staff, the selecionador has had the opportunity to participate in these tournaments As a player.


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