People can now play soccer in a wheelchair

In Spain, it was created a device that allows soccer lovers in a condition of disability to perform all the movements that this sport requires

People can now play soccer in a wheelchair

Fernando Giner, former footballer, coach, and promoter of the project said: "the novelty in this wheelchair is that it brings with it a front device activated by the hands, which allows to retain the ball, move, and perform each and every one of the various launches that can be seen in this practice. The ultimate goal of this is to assimilate it to an almost equal football practice, or similar to that of ordinary people". Giner, in partnership with the organization Ortoprono (Technical Orthopedics specializing in wellness) , work together, in order to restore the dream to people in a condition of disability to return to touch a court, or a football as they did once in his youth.

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58 years ago, the Paralympic Games (1960) were held for the first time in the city of Rome, Italy. From then on, countries such as Germany, Canada, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, South Korea, the United States, and their main promoter Spain, have been the standard in the fight for the equality of human rights. Events like the Paralympic Games confront the scourge of discrimination, within what for many can be a society built and governed on "normal" parameters.

However, although there are still many detractors, WHO (World Health Organization) for its part ensures that: "15% of the world population (between 110 and 190 million people) have some degree of difficulty, or limitation , which does not allow them to develop optimally". This is a rate that is increasing due to the high number of aging, chronic diseases, and precarious conditions of attention that health systems provided.

In this sense, WHO, the World Bank, and MAPFRE Foundation (sports schools program) in Spain, through the World Reports on disability, seek to promote policies and programs that provide better benefits for this population, in such a way that they comply with, and give priority to, the human rights convention of people with disabilities (2008).

In the past editions (2016 and 2017), the Olympic Committee awarded the participation of each and every one of the continents: Europe (44%), Asia (26%), Africa (6%), Oceania (6%), and America (17%). In the same way, it awarded the commitment and dedication of each and every one of its athletes to the event, and to their country.

For its part, the Association for the Promotion of A-Ball (soccer in chair) in Spain promotes the creation and the promotion of new disciplines mainly for people with disabilities, making them have the same recognition national as well as worldwide, in the same way that any elite discipline has.


Latin American Post | Sebastián Muñoz
Translated from “ Ahora se podrá jugar fútbol en silla de ruedas”

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