Is it good for Bayern to win the Bundesliga so easily?

The most winning club in the history of German football defeats its home league, relaxes, and does not act adequately when it should 

Is it good for Bayern to win the Bundesliga so easily?

Leer en español: ¿Es perjudicial para el Bayern ganar la Bundesliga con tanta facilidad?

The "Bavarian giant" crushes all his rivals on his trip through the Bundesliga and crowns easily. However, for Bayern Munich that lack of competitiveness in their own country seems to be taking its toll in the UEFA Champions League, a competition that has not won since 2012.

Relaxing was never as dangerous as now

When Bayern Munich wins the Bundesliga, it does so at the end of March or at the beginning of April, and the pace of competition immediately decreases once the league title is secured. This relaxation of the Bayern generates that the equipment arrives without the necessary intensity to the decisive commitments of the Champions, which are played at the end of April and beginning of May, causing its elimination of the competition and other damages.

On March 25 in the 2013-14 season the league title fell to Bayern Munich and immediately the team lowered the pace of competition. As proof of this, Bayern played four league games before facing Real Madrid in the semifinals of the European competition, losing three and winning only one. When he faced the "merengue" team on the 23rd and 29th, he lost the match in Spain by a goal to zero and lost the match in Germany by a humiliating score of 0-4. The team toured in the Bundesliga, but in the Champions came shamefully.

In the following season, the 2014-15, Bayern took a little longer to win the league, but still lifted the title on April 25 with four days left to end the competition. The red club relaxed despite the fact that eleven days later he would face Barcelona for the Champions semifinals. Bayern, already with the title of the Bundesliga in their hands, lost in their league just before facing the Catalans. On May 6 he lost the first game of the semifinal against the club "culé" by three goals to zero, and on the 12th of the same month he won by a score of three goals to two, being eliminated again.

Bayern Munich continued to win the Bundesliga with ease in the 2015-16, 2016-17 and current 2017-18 seasons. In the latter, the club won the league title on April 7 when there were still five days left to finish the championship. The club celebrated its sixth straight league title, the 28th time in its history, but relaxed even though it knew it would face Sevilla in the Champions League quarter-final second leg.

Bayern managed to qualify for the semifinals despite drawing dangerously close to zero goals with Sevilla in Germany, and continued with its relaxation stage despite knowing that its rival in the next stage of the Champions League would be Real Madrid. Several Bayern players, perhaps due to lack of competitiveness, demand and intensity, were injured in this key stage of the season. The Chilean Arturo Vidal was injured in training weeks before the decisive game, while the Dutchman Arjen Robben and the German Jérôme Boateng fell injured in the first half of the match. Real Madrid won the match, which was played in Germany, with a score of two goals to one and severely complicated the path of the "Bavarian Giant".

Bayern Munich is all-powerful in the Bundesliga, and like any warrior after the battle, they are ready to rest and celebrate with their own. However, this relaxation is costing him the honor in the highest European competition. The red club has one last chance in the Champions League this season when visiting Real Madrid, but the most important thing for Bayern will be to analyze and solve their strange situation: why winning the Bundesliga with such ease is proving to be truly harmful for the interests of the club.


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