Why the leader of the Giro d'Italia dresses in pink?

Behind each of the colors of the shirts, which use the outstanding runners of this competition, there is a historical significance

Why the leader of the Giro d'Italia dresses in pink?

The 101st edition of the Giro d'Italia, a competition that takes place between the 4th and the 27th of May, generates great expectations among millions of fans who hope the famous fair on Azzurri soil to start.

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This year, the event will be held over 3546.2 kilometers, with 22 teams. The tour will begin in Holy Land, in Jerusalem, Israel, and will continue with its traditional mountain stages in Italy with a majestic closing of the fair in Rome.

According to the organizing committee of the event, all clothing has a meaning. For this reason, Latin American Post has compiled the explanations of each of these beautiful garments, considering this Friday the competition starts.

Maglia rosa and La Gazzetta dello Sport

The pink jersey is the most famous of all the T-shirts of the Giro. It is given to the leader of the general classification and it emerged after the first editions of the cycling gala, which was sponsored by the Italian sports newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport. This newspaper prints its sheets in pink, so it asked the organizers of that time to dress the champion with the striking color of its pages. Interestingly, it is worth noting that throughout its history and even today, La Gazzetta dello Sport serves as the main sponsor of the famous pink jersey.

Maglia Ciclamino for the point’s leader

Another of the important shirts in this round is the cyclamen jersey, which is awarded to the leader by points. Usually this leader was dressed in red. However, since the Giro 2017, it changed back to this violet tone that was its original color. It should be remembered that the winner for points comes from the sum of so many delivered in  intermediate sprints, mountain prizes, and arrivals. It is independent to the champion of the individual general classification.

Maglia Bianca for the youngest runners

The beautiful white jersey is destined for the best classification of young people. The reason for the white color is that it aims to identify the freshness, vitality, and youth of its carrier in the race.

Maglia Azzurra, in honor of sky

Finally, the azzurra shirt (blue) is given to the winner of the mountain prizes and takes this color for the blue sky that serves as a perfect complement to the mountains, terrain where the leader of this classification stands out. It is said that the winner of the Azzurra shirt is considered the most suitable climber in all of Europe, because in Italian territory the most demanding summits that are disputed within the calendar of the old continent are achieved. For this reason, it is a mountain biker expert who conquers this garment.


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