Learn how to eliminate pet odor from your home

In most cases, the bad smell comes from their objects and not from the animal itself

Learn how to eliminate pet odor from your home

In many homes, pets are usually responsible for the generation of unpleasant but totally natural odors. This uncomfortable feature that in most cases is not linked to lack of cleanliness, can be solved with a few simple tricks that we will list in this article.

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Much of the pet smell that is concentrated in a home is produced more by the belongings of the same, than by the animal as such. That is why in addition to paying attention to the care usually in dogs and cats, you should observe the condition of their toys, food containers, beds and others.


If the pet is a dog



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Regardless of size or breed, dogs usually have a stronger natural smell than other types of pets. However, the intensity of the stench will depend on its own characteristics, which its owners easily become accustomed to until they fail to perceive it, but this does not mean that the aroma has disappeared. In this way, to keep the house free of 'dog perfume', the following tips can be carried out:


One bath per month : Excess water and soap is not synonymous with cleaning the pet, on the contrary, bathing them often causes irregularities in their skin and coat that can cause from increased production of fat and therefore increased odor of the animal, even complicated infections that put the dog's health at risk.


Quality food: The stability and good functioning of its organs depends on the feeding of the dog. Preventing the dog from eating cooked food or from human consumption, will help to maintain the balance of their organs and will remove alterations of the skin that result in bad odors.


Bicarbonate and vinegar, allies to neutralize: Beyond using air fresheners that dissipate odors temporarily, it is recommended to use baking soda and white vinegar. These ingredients manage to trap and neutralize odors in a much more effective way. If the canine lives in an apartment and makes his needs within it, it is essential that each time his waste is cleaned a 50/50 mixture of water and white vinegar is used.


The furniture, carpets or places that the pet usually frequents can also be cleaned using a little baking soda. To do this, it is only necessary to spread a little of the product in the place, let it act for 15 minutes and proceed to aspirate.


The focus is on beds and toys: The highest incidence of pet odor in the home comes from the objects of the same. Here it is essential to regularly wash stuffed animals, balls, beds or blankets of the animal. In addition to this, the food and water containers of the pet should be cleaned daily, or at least every two days, this aspect is easily overlooked by the owners and one of the main causes of bad smell in the house. It may seem unnecessary, but would you eat on the same plate over and over again without washing it for weeks?


If the pet is a cat


Cats are animals obsessed with their cleanliness. They can bathe several times a day, they worry about covering their waste and if they live in open spaces they will look for a place away from the home to relieve themselves. But not all felines have this privilege and those who use a litter box often seriously complicate the aroma of the home:


The routine of the sand: The sandbox is the only but lethal source of bad smell of cats. A few minutes without collecting your waste and the house can be uninhabitable for hours. This makes it essential not to leave waste in the sand for many hours, change it as often as indicated by the product used and replace the box at least once a year.


Again, bicarbonate: An effective tip to neutralize the smell of the sandbox is to spread a little bit of baking soda at the base of it. It is ideal that the box can be located outdoors, but if it is not possible, the bicarbonate will be the best ally.


It should be noted that none of the tips mentioned will put the health of the pet at risk, on the contrary, they will allow both humans and animals to breathe happy the same air.



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