Does your country have the most numerous fans in Russia?

According to FIFA, 2.6 million tickets were sold for matches and Latino fans are among the biggest buyers

Does your country have the most numerous fans in Russia?

For any team, having the support of their fans is undoubtedly an extra motivation, since they bring color and joy to the sport. The Latin American teams are the ones that every 4 years mobilize more fans to the World Cup countries. For the fans, it does not matter the distance, the costs, the achievements of their selection, or the cultural differences. Latinos support their teams no matter what.

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Russia 2018 will not be the exception, since eight Latin American countries will be present at the World Cup: from CONCACAF will be Mexico, Costa Rica, and Panama. While from Conmebol will attend Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia, and Peru, which will surely have the support of their fans.

Going to Russia will cost Latin fans between 5 thousand and 30 thousand dollars in different packages that include the stay and tickets to matches. The prices change depending on which round the team plays and which team fans want to follow, this according to data from the agencies authorized by the event.

Tickets could be purchased directly from the FIFA website, where Latin American countries lead the purchase of tickets. For example, in the last sale that was made and that closed at the beginning of April, 400 thousand tickets were launched, of which more than 60 thousand were destined to Latin America.

In this last sale, the Argentines acquired 15 thousand tickets, while Mexicans and Colombians bought 14 thousand each. On the other hand, in the United States 16,400 tickets were bought, although it is possible that the Latin American fans in that country are behind that amount. According to the Russian ambassador in Mexico, Eduard Malayán, the Mexican fans will have a minimum of 26 thousand fans; this figure can reach up to 40 thousand if one considers those who would travel from the United States. In South America, Brazilians led the purchase of tickets with more than 65 thousand, followed by Colombians with 60 thousand tickets, Argentina 44 thousand, and Peru with 38 thousand.

Unlike Brazil 2014, the Latin fans are far away from the headquarters of the world cup, so the numbers will not be as optimistic as in the previous world. However, the return of Peru to the World Cup motivated the fans of that country more than in Brazil, where although Peru did not participate, more than 20 thousand Peruvians attended. The Colombians could surpass the 41 thousand visitors that took to Brazil, while Argentina will be very far from the 100 thousand fans that crossed towards their neighboring country. Finally, on the side of Mexicans, the figure does not vary much compared to the 34 thousand that were supporting in 2014.

In total, it is expected that from Latin America will attend about 200 thousand fans to Russia, although not everyone has tickets, some only travel to support their selection in the streets and accompany it between the venues, waiting for some opportunity to acquire a ticket, especially if their team advances in the tournament. Argentina and Brazil have the obligation to aspire to the title; Costa Rica, Uruguay, Colombia, and Mexico have great expectations of improving their previous participations, and Peru has everything to gain in its return to a world cup. The World Cup is just over 50 days to start, so fans are preparing their bags and songs to support their teams.


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Translated from “ ¿Está su país entre las hinchadas más numerosas en Rusia?”

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