These are the best places to work and we are not talking about money

Combining the salary with non-monetary benefits for its employees makes these companies stand out in Latin America

These are the best places to work and we are not talking about money

Probably, the best place to work is a small company that does not pay anyone to certify how well their workers spend it. However, that does not mean that the rankings are a sham. Many companies have a genuine interest in the welfare of their employees because they know that at the end of the day that is key to increasing productivity and retaining talented workers.

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According to Octavious Black, a well-known British businessperson, the way to get people to work is by paying them a salary, but the way to make them commit to work is to combine it with an emotional salary.

The benefits such as growth opportunities within the company, the work environment, and the possibility of maintaining a balance between professional and personal life, together with other non-monetary incentives, are part of that emotional salary that contributes to the welfare of workers. With these aspects in mind, Great Place to Work evaluates and classifies workplaces in countries around the world each year. These are the best medium-sized companies (between 50 and 500 employees) to work in Latin America according to recent rankings.

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1. VisaNet

Country: Peru

Sector: financial services and insurance

Number of employees: 234

Website: http://www.visanet.com.pe

"... we appeal a lot to issues of managing the bond with the worker, so we work with programs that appeal to people to feel things, feel experiences, and that every action we do in Visanet leaves a mark on the worker and his family", said Annarita Nieri, Director of Customer Satisfaction and Human Capital.

2. Insar

Country: MEXICO

Sector: Construction, infrastructure and real estate

Number of employees: 111

Website: http://www.insar.com.mx

"Do not skimp on the issue of human resources has been a very powerful weapon," says Federico Sada, General Director. One of the advantages offered by the company is a Work Flexibility program that allows each worker to choose their schedule. "It's like a bank of hours for the entire company. Although they are housewives, married and with children who most need these tailored suits".

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3. Low hydrosystems

Country: MEXICO

Sector: Industrial services

Number of employees: 118

Website: http://www.hb.com.mx

"... it was not so much to seek benefits for the company, but to evaluate the actions in the development of our people that support us to meet goals and objectives, it is important for us to know that they are satisfied with their way of working", Mitl Llamas, General Director .

4. LNG Mejillones

Country Chile

Sector: Manufacturing and production | Energy

Number of employees: 94

Website: http://www.gnlm.cl

"After a trial period, we have proven that flexibility policies, financial support for studies, family integration practices and a strong training and personal development program are key to raising levels of productivity, retention and innovation", General Manager.

5. Equión Energía Limited

Country Colombia

Sector: Manufacture and production | Coke, petroleum products and nuclear fuel

Number of employees: 388

Website: http://www.equion-energia.com

"Its open and inclusive nature makes this a place where people are committed and productive, based on the happiness with which they work", Directors of Equión.


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