These are the best destinations to travel with your dog

The tendency to travel with pets is increasingly common, so here we present the most friendly destinations to walk with them around the world

These are the best destinations to travel with your dog

In the United States alone there are 305 million pets. Almost the same amount of pets as inhabitants: 324 million, according to figures from El País, the Spanish journal. The newspaper says that only in Brazil, Mexico and Argentina and Chile there are about 200 million.

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Maria Oriani, Country Manager of Almundo.com (online travel company), explains that "When we talk about Pet Friendly places, we do not only refer to accepting pets, we are really focusing on destinations where this culture exists and they find hotels, restaurants, bars, that offer a preferential attention for the pets. Having this peace of mind can be decisive when the traveler chooses the destination or airline for their next vacation".

The five best destinations for traveling with pets according to the Business Intelligence department of Almundo are:

Tel Aviv, Israel: It is considered the most friendly city in the world for dogs. On average there is 1 dog per 17 inhabitants, which makes it the city with the highest density of dogs per inhabitant in the world. It has 1.3 dog parks per square kilometer, that is to say that there are 70 parks in total and there are also 4 beaches where dogs can enjoy freely. On August 26, 2016, Tel Aviv celebrated for the first time the day of the dogs, with many attractions, among which included exclusive meals, spa, and an exhibition of new companies founded in Tel Aviv dedicated to dogs and their owners.

Carmel, California: It is a small town in the United States, known worldwide for being dog friendly, because in this place the most important tourists are them. All the hotels accept pets and in all the streets there are dishes with water for these outstanding visitors, also at the entrance of all the parks, hiking trails and beaches there are biodegradable bags. This small town also has the "Signature Paw Spa", one of the first spas for pets where they put films so that these adorable clients feel relaxed.

Keswick, United Kingdom: The city was awarded for four years followed by the Kennel Club as the friendliest in the United Kingdom to take vacations with pets. This town has restaurants, cafes and pubs, where treats, food and water for dogs of all races are offered. Among the most prominent plans are: swimming with pets, exploring new places and hiking to Skiddaw, the fourth largest mountain in England.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands: It is a very nice city to travel with dogs, it has 68 hotels that accept pets, 2 restaurants and multiple bars. Pets are allowed on public transport for free, except on trains that charge an entrance fee of € 3 per dog and full day and bicycles have special baskets to transport dogs around the city, there is also the possibility of crossing the canals on cruise ships, as some accept dogs inside and in the summer the "Flevopark" has a swimming area for these visitors.

Brussels, Belgium: It is a very friendly city with animals, it is not normal to see abandoned or lost dogs because there are places where they are prepared to be adopted. The rules against the animals are very strict, because if the owners do not collect the excrement, do not walk on a leash or lose it, they have to pay serious fines imposed by the state. In this city all dogs, regardless of their size, can travel by public transport and are welcome in most bars, hotels and restaurants.

The "pet friendly" wave has grown considerably in the whole world, because people are increasingly sure that pets are important members of the family and now these and everything that surrounds them has become very profitable business, which is why many establishments and cities in the world are creating spaces where pets can develop and enjoy all the comforts designed exclusively for them.

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