10 Colombian Indie music projects that transcend borders

These experimental and alternative sounds have thousands of streams on Spotify


Electronic or rock sounds, with an experimental touch, are part of the international exhibition of Colombian talent abroad. Day after day the popularity of these artists increases, as does the number of monthly listeners and streamings per song. Soloists, duets and bands are part of the list: 10 Indie musical projects that are taking over the spotlight abroad.

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Monsieur Periné

The members of the band describe their music as "Colombian Suin". In the voice is Catalina García, Santiago Sarabia on the strings, Nicolás Junca is the guitarist, Adinda Meertins is in charge of the double bass, Miguel Guerra is the percussionist, Darwin Paéz the drummer, Jairo Alfonso plays the saxophone and the clarinet, and Abstin Caviedes with the trombone and the bugle.

The texture of the musical framework of their songs has allowed Monsieur Periné to have 1,391,546 monthly listeners on the Spotify streaming platform. In addition, the song "Sabor a mi" has 8,342,764 reproductions today on the same platform. Paris, in France, Zaragoza and Madrid in Spain, have been some of the European cities that have welcomed the talented group recently. In the American continent, the destinations visited by the band to gain followers have recently included: Mexico City, in Mexico, Toronto in Canada and New York, Los Angeles, Washington, Chicago, Philadelphia and Berkeley in the United States.

Juan Pablo Vega

This 33-year-old Bogota-born singer-songwriter was nominated in 2014 at the Latin Grammys as "Best New Artist", thanks to his song "Nada Personal" which currently has 9,794,759 on Spotify. 376,253 monthly listeners make this artist have recently exhibited his sonorities internationally in: Miami in the United States, in Mexico in cities such as: Mexico City, Guadalajara, Querétaro, Naucalpan De Juárez, León, Puerto Vallarta, Morella, Zacatecas.

Salt Cathedral

The duet formed by Juli and Nico creates songs with pop sounds that have a tropical flare. Its own innovative sound has allowed this group to take their talent to important capital cities around the world such as: London, Paris, Amsterdam, Mexico City. In the United States they have been widely accepted in cities such as New York, Washington, Chicago, Seattle, Philadelphia and Austin, among others.

The video of the song "No Love" was released on March 28, 2018 on the renowned YouTube channel of UltraMusic, an Indie music label that has published video clips of world-renowned artists such as Kygo, Steve Aoki, Deorro, and Benny Benassi.

With 310,433 monthly listeners in Spotify, this band from Global Pop has achieved 9,682,556 reproductions with its theme "Always There When I Need You".


Salomón Beda, better known as "Salo", is a singer-songwriter of Tropical Folk. His debut album, released in 2017, has quickly positioned him in the Colombian indie scene. It has 199,119 monthly listeners in Spotify and Pa'lante is its most listened to topic with 5,019,441 reproductions. He has recently taken his music to stages of: Mexico City, Guadalajara, San Andrés Cholula, in Mexico, and Barranco in Peru.

Diamante Eléctrico

The musical group of garage, rock and blues is composed of three members: Juan Galeano on bass and double bass, Daniel Alvarez on guitar and Andee Zeta on drums. In the trajectory of the band there are 3 important prizes: Latin Grammy winners for the best rock album twice (2015 and 2017), and best song (2017).

His popularity on Spotify includes 133,452 weekly listeners, and 1,037,959 views on his song "Todo Va a Arder". The participation of the band in such important festivals as Coachella, in Indio, California, has taken the artistic career of this musical project to another level. His scopes have also included concerts in Belfort Ville, in France, and in Puebla and Guadalajara, in Mexico.


This duo formed by Juan Pablo Delgado and Samuel Lizarralde has the purpose of transmitting the nature and pluri-ethnicism of Colombia and Latin America through their songs. In New York, Los Angeles and Miami have announced their proposal defined as Jungle Beat. This electronic project has 123,838 weekly listeners on Spotify, and the "Mangrove" theme has been played 1,355,005 times.


The grouping of rock in Colombian Spanish has recently raised the name of Colombia by playing its songs in Latin American cities such as Quito, Guayaquil, Ambato and Cuenca, in Ecuador, and Guadalajara, Toluca de Lerdo, Morelia and Irapuato, in Mexico.

The band is made up of: Daniel Acosta (voice and guitar), Felipe Rondón (guitar and synths), Nicolás García (drums and pad), Daniel Chamorro (guitar, programming and vocals) and César Barajas (bass, synthesizer and Percussion). The monthly listeners on Spotify at the moment are 94,509 and continue to increase. The song "Somos Coyotes" has 442,546 reporducciones.

Revólver Plateado

With four members, this Indie musical project has positioned itself on Spotify with 36,313 monthly listeners. The theme "Soy Un Extraño" has registered 292,394 reproductions so far. Rock in Spanish, blues and rock & roll are part of the influences of this band.

Mauricio Colmenares is the vocalist and guitarist, Rodolfo Angulo is in charge of the bass, Rodrigo Díaz is the drummer and Santiago Izaciga also plays the guitar. Recently they have visited with their music cities like Austin, in the United States and Cuauhtémoc, in Mexico.


This Bogota group formed by María Mónica Gutiérrez and Felipe Ortega Blanco debuted in 2015 with the album "Cada Célula". They are currently preparing the release of their new album, after recently releasing the single "Polaridad", which is an appetizer of what is to come.

With 14,322 monthly listeners on Spotify, they achieve a total of 179,019 reproductions with the Caligula song as of today, this being their most popular song on the streaming platform. Visits in concert format to cities like Lima in Peru, Paris in France, and Seattle in the United States, have boosted the popularity of this alternative proposal, which has glitch pop influences.

El Otro Grupo

The band defines their music as: "pop with noise". This duet formed by Moisés Silva (guitar, loops and voice) and Daniel Fernández (bass, synth, keyboard and voice), has managed to take its proposal to European and North American territory. They have made a live presence with their themes in: Barcelona, ​​Spain, Eschentzwiller and Besanzón, in France, Vienna in Austria and Austin in the United States.

The count of monthly listeners on Spotify goes to 1,135 and increasing. The most popular song of this duo has 14,730 reproductions and is titled "Para Así Regresar".


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