Would Neymar's indiscipline affect Real Madrid?

The quality of the Brazilian star is unquestionable, as is his lack of discipline

Would Neymar's indiscipline affect Real Madrid?

The player who cost Paris Saint-Germain 222 million euros could change teams only one year after becoming the most expensive player in history. Neymar Jr. would leave the French team to go to Real Madrid in Spain for different reasons, one of them being the different problems due to his constant indiscipline.

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The European media sees very likely that Real Madrid will hire Neymar. The Spanish team wants to tell the Brazilian's quality of play and to reinforce his team, which is increasingly closer to Cristiano Ronaldo's departure because of his age. However, the great dilemma of the white club is focused on the problems that the Brazilian star would generate if it arrived at the Madrid club.

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Long history of indiscipline and excessive temper

Neymar's quality is unquestionable, as is his lack of discipline. Since the player debuted professionally in 2009 has accumulated a large number of controversies for his indiscipline and excessive temper. The player debuted at Santos in Brazil, and there he had problems with the press, with his then coach Dorival Júnior for not letting him throw a maximum penalty and with an arbitrator who sued him for a trill in which he insulted him.

With the national team of Brazil has also had problems within the field of play for his tough temper. In the Copa América in 2011 he faced the Venezuelan coach César Farías, and in the Copa América in 2015 he fought hard with the Colombians Armero and Bacca and with the Chilean referee Enrique Osses, being sanctioned with 4 dates so he could not play more in said cup.

Its passage to Europe supposed the beginning of the maturity of the player, but it was not like that. Neymar had trouble at FC Barcelona for his nightlife, for being late to training and for practicing other sports while recovering from some injuries. But Ney's most serious problems at Barça were fighting with teammate Nélson Semedo in a training session and forcing him to leave the club with great disrespect for the club.

Already in the PSG, Neymar has had problems with both partners and opponents. Cavani, Uruguayan figure of the French team, had serious altercations with the Brazilian for the desire to acquire prominence, something that the Parisian fans also recriminated Neymar with boos. Several were the rivals who fought with Neymar for their irrelevant moves that aimed to humiliate them. On the other hand, the arrival of Ney to PSG generated the division of the team into several clans.

Does gaining prominence in Real Madrid create problems?

Neymar arrived at the PSG to be the boss, but when he did not achieve it immediately, the inconveniences arose. This is one of the reasons why the Brazilian sounds to get to Real Madrid, but the risk of the same happening in the merengue club is high.

In Real Madrid there are great stars, that although they would cover the arrival of Neymar to the team, they could take away the protagonism of the Brazilian, thus creating internal conflicts with the superstar. The coach Zidane and players like Sergio Ramos, Marcelo, Modric, Kroos, and Cristiano Ronaldo are some of the pillars of this team, especially the latter. With Neymar's long history of problems, it is very likely that he will not accept being a co-star of the team in the shadow of Cristiano Ronaldo, who also has a huge ego, so an explosive atmosphere would be assured.

However, Neymar has an antecedent in his favor, because although it is true that he had several altercations in Barcelona, ​​he was able to coexist pleasantly with world figures such as the Argentine legend Lionel Messi, the Uruguayan artilleryman Luís Suárez and the controversial but essential Spanish leader Gerard Pique. Neymar was not the leader, he was not the only superstar, but this was no impediment to deploy all his talent and dazzle the world.

What is clear is that Real Madrid has been blunt with undisciplined soccer players. Cassano, Robinho, Anelka, Drenthe, and Coentrao are just some of the players who had to leave Real Madrid because of their constant lack of respect for the club.

It is likely that Neymar will land at Real Madrid with the true conviction of winning the Golden Ball and obtaining international titles such as the UEFA Champions League. However, the Brazilian superstar must change his explosive temperament and selfishness to be able to empathize with a club that would not admit any type of faults, the same ones to which Neymar is accustomed to star.


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