What Hollywood celebrities are concerned about the environment?

4 recognized actors of the North American industry are famous for their successful careers and the defense and care of the planet

¿A qué celebridades de Hollywood les importa el medio ambiente?

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Despite the disbelief of characters like Donald Trump regarding climate change and care for the environment, there are public figures who care about the natural resources of the planet and the negative footprint of the human being. Here we present 4 Hollywood actors that promote environmental causes, the defense of the environment, and the protection of natural resources.

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Leonardo DiCaprio: The Oscar winner and creator of the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation is recognized for his successes in the entertainment industry and his defense of the environment. In 1998, the actor established the aforementioned foundation that promotes the conservation of the oceans, the protection of biodiversity, climate change, among other environmental causes. DiCaprio has also raised and donated large sums of money for environmental causes such as the construction of an ecological resort on Blackadore Key and the protection of the oceans. When the actor received the Oscar statuette, he affirmed that "Climate change is real, it is happening right now. It is the most urgent threat that our species has to face. We need to work together and stop procrastinating".


Meryl Streep: With 21 Oscar nominations and 31 Golden Globe nominations, Streep is one of the most famous actresses worldwide after 47 years of film career. In philanthropic causes and defense of the environment, Streep is recognized because of the foundation of Mothers and Others in 1989. This is a group that reports on the presence of harmful chemicals in agricultural products. Currently, the actress is part of the Children's Health Environment coalition and creates awareness about toxins in water and food. Streep also defends other social causes such as women's empowerment with campaigns like "Chime for Change" by Gucci.



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Pierce Brosnan: The Irish actor and Officer of the Order of the British Empire, known for his portrayal of James Bond, is passionate about the environment. The actor promoted the campaign against the launching of a sonar in the United States that supposedly attempts against marine mammals. This campaign was made in association with the Council for the Defense of Natural Resources. Brosnan has been UNICEF Ireland's ambassador since 2001 and was awarded the Environmental Leadership prize in 1997.


Emma Watson: The actress that played Hermoine Granger is remembered for her role in the Harry Potter saga, her advocacy of women's rights, and environmental causes. The actress is a partner of the People Tree brand that cares about sustainability and humanitarianism. In addition, the actress posed for the Natural Beauty campaign to raise forks for Global Green USA that specializes in the preservation of the environment and sustainability.


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