Lois Lane's voice over time

A long list of women is hidden behind the character of reporter that appears in the famous comics of Superman

Lois Lane is a fictional character who represents a reporter in the Superman comics, which we find in different formats, who makes her first appearance in DC Action Comics n ° 1.

Lane is characterized for being attractive and strongly resolved. Her physical appearance was originally based in the model Joanne Carter, so her hair was black and long until the late 80's. However, in the 90's she appeared in some comics with brown hair. With the passage of time her appearance has undergone changes depending on the management of each medium, draftsman, director or screenwriter. Her different adaptations maintain the character as a person with a lot of will power and determined to prove to her colleagues that Clark Kent is actually Superman. Also, her voice has been interpreted by different women in different formats.

Latin American Post gives you a tour of history telling who were the voices that hid behind the memorable Lois Lane, Superman's girlfriend, the Man of Steel.

Surely there are many more versions of the different formats in which they interpreted the voice of this character, but we believe that these are the most outstanding:

Rolly Bester

Native of the United States, this actress and later advertising executive represented the role of Lois Lane for the original radio series 'The Adventures of Superman' in 1940. Bester became the first voice of this character, although it only lasted two episodes: 'The atomic Beam Machine' and up to half of 'The North Star Mining Company'. Then Lois Lane was played by Helen Choate.

Rolly Bester was also known for her performance in 'Sherlock Holmes' (1954) and 'The Phil Silvers Show' (1955).

She died of cancer on January 12, 1984 in New York City.

Joan Alexander

Born in Saint Paul, Minnesota (USA), her voice appeared in more than 1600 episodes of 'The Adventures of Superman'. Alexander also represented the voice of Lois Lane in the animated shorts 'Superman' produced by Fleischer Studios and Paramount Pictures. Later she repeated the role of Lois Lane for a season of the animated series 'The New Adventures of Superman' by the company Filmation Associates.

She died at the age of 94 years because of an intestinal blockage.

Shannon Farnon

This Canadian voice actress played Lois Lane in the series 'Superfriends'. Then she made an appearance in 'Superfriends: Rest in Peace' for the season 'Challenge of the Superfriends'. In the season 'The World's Greatest Superfriends', Lois Lane appears in the episode 'Lex Luthor Strikes Back'.

Farnon also made the voice in several episodes of the series 'Hawkgirl'. In 'Valley of the Dinosaurs' she played Kim Butler, but mostly she played the voice of the Wonder Woman.

Ginny McSwain

Born in Arlington Heights, Illinois (USA), she is a casting director, voice actress and animation producer.

In 1988 she played the voice of Lois Lane in the 13 episodes of the 'Superman' animated series produced by Ruby-Spears Productions.

She is also a renowned casting director in the animated series 'The new Scooby and Scrappy-Doo Show', 'The Kwicky Koala' and 'The Smurfs'.

Her first job as voice director was 'Lucky Luke' and her best-known animation productions are 'The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius', 'My Little Pony', 'Bump in the Night' and 'Goof Troop'.

Dana Delany

American activist, actress and executive producer, in 1985 she played an old love of detective David Addison (Bruce WillIs) in the television series 'Moonlighting' in the episode 'Knowing her'. Her fame took place in 1980 when she was starred in the series 'China Beach' in her role of Colleen McMurphy.

In 1990, her voice played Lois Lane in 'Superman: The Animated Series', 'Justice League', later known as 'Justice League Unlimited', 'Superman: Brainiac Attacks' or 'Superman: The Last of Krypton', and in several video games.

Anne Heche

She was born in Aurora, Ohio (USA), and is an actress, scenographer, producer and director. Heche played Lois Lane in 2007 on 'Superman: Doomsday' and was the winner of the DC Comics awards with the trilogy 'The Death of Superman'.

Where she got most recognition was in the romantic comedy 'Six Days Seven Nights' in 1988. In the same year she also participated in 'Psyco', remake of one of Alfred Hitchcock's best known works: 'Psycho'.

Kyra Sedgwick

American actress, winner of a Golden Globe in 2007 for her role in the television series 'The Closer'.

In 2008 she played the voice of Lois Lane in 'Justice League: The New Frontier', by Warner Bros. Animation. Her role is that of a radio and TV announcer, who is shown as the romantic interest of Superman.

Christina Hendricks

She was born in Knoxville, Tennessee (USA), and is an actress known for her role as Joan Holloway in the television series 'Mad Men' (2007-2015). Hendricks won six Primetime Emmy nominations for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series.

In addition, in 2011 she played the voice of Lois Lane in the animated adaptation of 'All-Star Superman'.

Jennifer Newton

She was born on December 11, 1980 in Birmingham, Alabama (USA) and is an actress and writer. Newton is recognized for interpreting Lois Lane's voice in the shorts of 'Superman Classic' in 2011 and 'Bizzaro Classic' in 2012.

Pauley Perrette

Born in New Orleans, this American actress found her chance to play an eccentric forensic scientist, Abby Sciuto, for the television series NCIS, after exposing her voice for music videos and short films.

In 2012 her voice played Lois Lane in the ninth animated film of 'Superman vs. The Elite'.

Gray DeLisle

Voice actress, composer and singer, she was born in California, United States. Her big influencers were bands like 'The Cure'. As her mother did not allow her to play such songs, she later began singing Gospel. Then she began in the world of comedy, with good performance, and became one of the most coveted as a dubbing actress. Her main role was as the voice of the characters Georgie and Uma in 'Crayon Shin-Chan'.

Also, in 2012 she played the voice of Lois Lane in 'Justice League: Doom'.


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Translated from "La voz de Luisa Lane a lo largo del tiempo"