Champions League: Latinos who could be decisive in the final, and those who've been essential before

The impact of players from this part of the world could be felt in Kiev as it happened in other finals of the highest club tournament in Europe

Champions League: Latinos who could be decisive in the final, and those who've been essential before

This Saturday May 26 in the final of the Champions League between Real Madrid and Liverpool there will be four Latin players on the court. The Brazilians Casemiro and Marcelo and the Costa Rican goalkeeper Keylor Navas will play for the ranks of Real Madrid of Spain. Meanwhile, on the sides of England's Liverpool, will be Brazilian striker Roberto Firmino, who has been one of the team's figures.

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These four players have great possibilities to be figures in this final match thanks to their talent, courage and hierarchy. Latin American Post gathers the reasons why these players can be decisive in this game that paralyzes the world, and likewise shows a tour of the South American players that have had a positive impact on the European title of their teams.

What do Marcelo and Casemiro have to be figures against Liverpool?

In the first instance, the left-back Brazilian, Marcelo is going through a great moment and has already been decisive for Real Madrid. During the final of Lisbon in the 2013-2014 season in which the 'meringues' won 4-1 at Atletico, Marcelo scored one of the goals. Similarly, Marcelo, already has the experience of having disputed these final instances, and that is a very big plus that has in his favor. The 'amazonian' is a player who generates attack by the left wing, throws good centers and that can be well capitalized by the strikers.

For his part, Casemiro is a 'Canarinho' midfielder who was a figure in the title that Real Madrid won in 2016-2017 when they defeated Juventus 4-1. He scored one of the goals that allowed the 'meringues' to obtain their twelfth title of the European Champions League. On this occasion, the Brazilian midfielder has become an irremovable record for coach Zidane in the midfield, because he takes the ball and scores goals.

What are the strengths of Keylor Navas?

The Costa Rican goalkeeper who acts as a starter with Real Madrid has been one of the players with more regularity in this competition. He was a figure in the two semifinal matches against Bayern Munich in Germany, and has had a very important role with Madrid. He won two Champions League titles in 2015-2016 and 2016-2017, and in these achievements he was a figure thanks to his saves and safety in the goal.

The thirst for triumph of Roberto Firmino

This Brazilian striker has had a great season with Liverpool, since he has scored 12 goals in 26 games played. In this great final, he can be a protagonist due to his defining nose, and his speed that can generate headaches for the defense of Madrid. He associates very well with the Egyptian Mohammed Salah and the Senegalese Sadio Mane with whom he has made a dream trio in the Champions League.

Who have been the Latin Americans that have been decisive for their teams in obtaining the title of the Champions League in the past?

2005-2006 season: This time Barcelona beat the Arsenal of England 2-1 at the Stade de France and two Brazilians were the figures. The right-back Belleti scored one of the scores that allowed the Catalans to win the title and Ronaldinho Gaucho was the figure of Barca.

2009-2010 season: Inter Milan got the European title after defeating Bayern Munich 2-0 with 2 annotations by Argentine Diego Milito. Milito never forgave Butt, and took advantage of the two occasions he had to make specific at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium in Spain.

2014-2015 season: Barcelona won 3-1 against Juventus de Torino at the Berlin Olympic and two of the goals were Luis Suárez and Neymar. Similarly, the Argentine crack, Lionel Messi was one of the figures of the meeting because he guided his team and disturbed Gianluigi Buffon.

Messi, a determining genius: Apart from the 2014-2015 season, Lionel Messi was decisive in the titles of Barcelona in 2008-2009 and 2010-2011. On those occasions, Barcelona beat Manchester United. The first time, the 'azulgranas' won 2-0 to the 'Reds' and Messi scored one of the goals. On the second occasion, Messi was the best player in the final, after scoring one of the goals with which Barcelona defeated Manchester United 3-1.


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Translated from "Champions: latinos que podrían ser decisivos en la final, y los que han sido esenciales antes"

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