The Latin 'Astroboy' José Altuve: the shortest player bats the most in the Major League

The Venezuelan baseball player has transformed since 2016 into a hitting machine with the Houston Astros

The Latin 'Astroboy' José Altuve: the shortest player bats the most in the Major League

He is the smallest baseball player in all major leagues, with only 1.68 meters in height, but that has not been an impediment to become one of the most successful players in the big top. José Altuve is an extraordinary athlete where you look. As the years pass the Venezuelan baseball player shows that his power with the wood are not stories.

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But what are the main records that the small giant has broken in the best baseball in the world? Above all, what is the new streak that accumulates and the brand that would be looking? In this text we tell you.

1. With conditions to remain an MVP

In 2017, the athlete born in the city of Puerto Cabello, coastal town of Venezuela, won an award that perhaps nobody had ever imagined winning, and it is none other than the MVP award given to the best player of the MLB season. The so-called "Astroboy" first won the American League batting title with an impressive .346 average, after hitting 204 hits in 309 innings, in addition to recording 81 RBIs, 24 home runs and 32 stolen bases, which led not only to get the coveted MVP, but also to guide his team, the Houston Astros, to the crown of the World Series.

2. Frequent guest to the Game of the Stars

Since the altuvemania broke out in baseball in the United States, the Venezuelan baseball player has always been called to the All-Star Game. In 2012 it was the first time he did it thanks to sovereign performances in the batting box. Subsequently, as of 2014 there are five invitations (4 of them consecutively) that have managed to duel the best of the season.

Of course, if everything keeps going as it is going to be hour and maintains its current level in this campaign, where he marches with impressive numbers, with an average of .329 and 29 RBI, he will also be chosen as the second baseman of the famous game.

3. Legs with power

It's good to clarify that Altuve's thing is not just hitting and catching a ball. The legs of the Venezuelan have also led him to get speed awards, specifically in the years 2014 and 2015, where he finished as the maximum pads robber of the American League.

4. Money making machine

On March 17, 2018, the small giant became one of the highest paid players in the big tent, after agreeing with the Houston Astros an extension to his contract for five years and 150 million dollars, a figure that also becomes the most paid player in the history of the franchise, far surpassing the Panamanian Carlos Lee, who in his time came to make a contract for 100 million.

5. In search of new brands

In the current major league season, Altuve is looking to expand its huge numbers.

In the month of April he tied 10 untracking in consecutive shifts and was only three to match the all-time mark that belongs to them jointly to Johnny Kling (Chicago Cubs, 1902), Pinky Higgins, (Boston Red Sox, 1938), and Walt Dropo (Tigers of Detroit, 1952), who basted 12 hits in flat appearances. Now, in this month of May, the Astroboy, who also lives his best moment of the campaign and is a firm candidate to fight again for the MVP award, currently accumulates 10 consecutive games giving a single. Although it is still far from the 56 figure of the historic Yankee Joe DiMaggio, the Venezuelan baseball player has shown that nothing is impossible for him.


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Copy edited by Laura Rocha Rueda

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