Michel Temer on the edge of the abyss

87% of the population supports the stoppage of the truckers that takes more than 10 days and the Single Federation of Petróleos is on strike

Michel Temer on the edge of the abyss

The popularity of Brazilian President Michel Temer is increasingly compromised, due to the events that have been presented in the South American country. In addition to the already aggravating crisis that has produced the truckers' strike, which adjusts more than 10 days, the 72-hour strike started by the Single Federation of Oil Workers of Brazil (FUP) last Wednesday at dawn, calling for the resignation of the President of Petrobras, Pedro Parente.

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One of the details that has caused concern in Brasilia is that despite the apparent normalization that has been achieved, after the supply of 40 fuel stations (5% of the 855 installed in the city), the rows for the cargo of Gasoline are gigantic and there is still no solution to the truckers' stoppage.

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Added to this, the new crisis generated by the strike of the FUP, puts the Temer government even more in trouble, due to the negative effects that this strike can bring to Brazil. It should be noted that despite the Supreme Court of this country issued a ruling that considers this measure as "apparently abusive" and penalized the unions in case of stoppage with fines of 500 thousand reais a day (USD 135,000), Cibele Vieira, national director of the Single Oil Federation) expressed that the strike "is up".

Another point that has generated greater tension in the country is the request by some strikers truckers of a "military intervention", although the same Temer, said before international media present in the Foro Brasil Investment, that "there are zero possibilities of a military intervention".

However, it should be noted that, although the risk of military intervention "disappeared", since the National Congress, several legislators and some Supreme Court ministers have questioned whether Temer has the ability to continue in the Planalto Palace, due to the high unpopularity that has generated, after the bad negotiation with the sector of the truckers.

The dissatisfaction of the Brazilian president has been so intense that 87% of the population strongly supports the truck drivers' stoppage and they even think that it should continue. As for the negotiations carried out by Temer, it faces a negative evaluation of 96%.

Military intervention

As a sign of the political tinge assumed by this truck demonstration, banners and flags have been seen, requesting a military intervention inside Brazil. This action strengthens the request of some sectors to resume a right-wing dictatorship that ruled this nation in mid-1985.

This issue has sparked many controversies, because this country lived a dictatorship of 21 years under a military regime, where opponents were strongly persecuted and even killed. It is to denote that, earlier this month, the CIA revealed a document where it was made clear that Ernesto Geisel ordered the execution of retractors of his government.

As a fact to emphasize, referring to the military past of the region, come historical antecedents like the one of Uruguay where a dictatorship was installed in the year of 1973; passing through Argentina with Roberto Eduardo Viola, predecessor of General Jorge Rafael Videla; Chile with Augusto Pinochet and years ago in Venezuela with Marcos Pérez Jiménez, in what were right-wing dictatorships with a history of acts of persecution and execution against enemies of governments.

However, this yoke seems to have no end as can be seen in Venezuela, where despite being a left government, military forces have functioned as an armed wing of the dictatorship of ex-president Hugo Chávez and the current president Nicolás Maduro.

Taking into account this historical background, the future of Brazil is at stake, where after the corruption scandals that have been gaining strength in recent years with cases like Lava Jato, popular clamor seems to ask for military force back in the nation. Even Jair Bolsonaro, presidential candidate and second in the polls, announced that, if he came to power, he would fill his cabinet with the military.

Latin American Post | Julio Abella Abella

Translated from "Michel Temer al filo del abismo"

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