Russia 2018: Teams arm themselves to the teeth with technology to study their rivals

Brazil, Colombia, Uruguay, and Mexico rely on software with proven results to closely follow their opponents. LatinAmerican Post explains it

Russia 2018: Teams arm themselves to the teeth with technology to study their rivals

The Latin American teams point to technological innovation based on specialized softwares to analyze their rivals in the next World Cup in Russia. This in order to face the championship in the best possible way, the Latino teams have experts and analysts on the subject.

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National teams such as Brazil, Colombia, Uruguay, and Mexico have been developing these initiatives in order to stand out in Russia. For example, the Brazilian Football Confederation assigned the analysts of 19 Amazonian clubs to watch all the matches of certain teams.

1. The Brazilian case: The idea of ​​involving the clubs was Fernando Lazaro, member of the Technical Commission of the coach, Tite. This initiative began in October 2017 and the squads were defined by the Brazilian Confederation through a draw.

In first instance, Avaí was in charge of analyzing Costa Rica, those of Gremio saw Switzerland and those of Sport watched Serbia. Each of them had the opportunity to study the movements of these teams, their tactics, and see their main players.

Good results

  • Brasil finished in the first place of the tie with 41 points, and since the arrival of Tite the team did not lose any game in the World Cup.
  • It has allowed them to see statistics that have been fundamental to boost the performance of several Brazilian players.
  • These methods have allowed it to be the best team in South America and to become a favorite to win the World Cup in Russia.

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2. The Colombian strategy: After the arrival of José Pékerman in Colombia and his technical team, several new strategies were put into practice.

They have a sophisticated office where they watch soccer from eight in the morning until ten at night. Pekerman and his assistants, Néstor Lorenzo, Pablo Garabello, Patricio Camps, and Gabriel Wainer follow rigorously the world football.

They have five television screens, follow every Colombian player in the world and see each one of the performances of all the teams.

What achievements has the Colombian National Team?

  • Classification to the 2014 Brazil World Cup after 16 years
  • Colombia reached the quarterfinals of the 2014 Brazil World Cup
  • The 'Tricolor' got the third place in the 2016 Centennial Cup
  • Colombia will be again in a World appointment in Russia 2018

3. Software that has given many successes: Uruguayan engineers Estéfano Zammarelli and Kritor Attarian designed software for technicians. It was developed for their thesis, and after approval the project was taken to Oscar Washington Tabares in 2007.

From that moment emerged Azsportech, a technological tool that allows to watch videos and statistics to analyze football. An editing job is done to see the rivals constantly, it is quickly accessed to watch action by action, and shows the numbers of the team.

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What have been the recognitions of the Uruguayans?

  • Uruguay achieved the fourth place in the World Cup in South Africa 2010
  • With Tabares, the 'celestes' have qualified for the World Cups in South Africa 2010, Brazil 2014 and Russia 2018
  • In 2011, the 'charrúas' won the Copa América title in Argentina

4. Comprehensive analysis of opponents: Currently, in Mexico, the study, the reading of data and reports of rivals predominates. Colombian technician Juan Carlos Osorio has taken advantage of the Department of Image and Statistics.

In the 'Tri' five softwares are used, where the details of each player are observed and the technician is given the tools to see the opponents. "Juan Carlos Osorio is watching videos all week. He sees a lot of football, he is a very studious person", Irving Mendoza, who is in charge of that area, told ESPN Deportes.

What profits have the Aztecs had?

  • Fourth place in the 2017 Confederations Cup
  • Classification to the World Cup of Russia 2018 in the first place of the Hexagonal of the Concacaf with 21 points

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