Five films that made their assistants leave the movie theaters

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Fear, boredom, and sadness are some of the reasons why movie theater assistants leave their seats and go to the exit

Five films that made their assistants leave the movie theaters

The experience of attending a movie theater, choosing a movie, waiting for the lights to go out and enter the worlds projected on the screen is perhaps one of the most exciting of the current culture. Therefore, one of the most frustrating things that exist is not being able to stay until the end. Here is a list of films that have caused viewers to leave the room long before the credits rolled:

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Fifty shades released (2018)

Called under the same name as the last book in the romantic-erotic saga Fifty Shades of Gray, this film that marks the end of the American film trilogy left more than one wanting to ask for the money of the ticket of entrance to the room. Although Fifty Shades was consolidated as one of the most anticipated films by women around the world due to the great stir that the sex scenes caused, the same can not be said of the male audience among whom the film was not well received. The reason?: Too much pink romance, which led them to abandon the rooms en masse and ask their partners never to invite them again to see this type of tapes.

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The tree of life (2011)

One of the most awarded films of the cinema, directed by the North American Terrence Malick and starring Sean Penn, Jessica Chastain, and Brad Pitt. This film owes its position in this list to its reflective and poetic character, and to its 139 minutes that many were not able to endure until the end. In addition, the film has very few dialogues, which made it very difficult for the viewer to connect completely with the work, despite having very beautiful images and masterful performances.

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127 hours (2010)

This drama by English director Danny Boyle, starring James Franco, is based on the tragic story of the American climber Aron Ralston, who after being trapped in the rocks of Robbers Roost Park, U.S., with his camera as the only company had to resort to desperate measures to save himself from death. The attempts to get out of there are diverse and it is precisely during one of them that takes place one of the most disturbing scenes of the cinema, the same that caused in the spectators disgust, vomit, convulsions, loss of knowledge and above all abandonment of the living room.

TRAILER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IFGIcob8CWs

The Blair Witch (1999)

The independent psychological horror film was responsible for rethinking the genre at the end of the 90s. Written and directed by Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sánchez, this film is built as an amateur recording that tells how three young filmmakers disappear while walking through the Black Hills in Maryland, U.S., in search of the legend of the Blair Witch. The young people, as the film affirms, would never have been found. Of them, only their recording equipment would be found, according to the images that constituted the film that the spectators were watching. Many of those attending the theaters had to leave their chairs due to the great panic generated by the terrifying scenes and sounds, which led them to tears and screams.

TRAILER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PeGl1JtoGsc

The Lion King (1994)

One of the most remembered animated films of Disney has a record in the abandonment of theaters, although nothing has to do with its quality. Despite being one of the most applauded and beloved films of the North American animation studio, The Lion King has one of the most tragic and sad scenes in the history of cinema: the death of Mufasa. Being designed as a children's film, thousands of children attended the halls in a horde, but what would be their surprise when not so far from the beginning they were faced with the tragic death of Simba's father. The cries did not wait, and more than one parent had to leave the room with his /her son to try to calm the crying of the child with a thousand and one explanations.

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