This is Fortnite: where does the success of the most important video game of 2018 come from?

The game of Epic Games is one of the best in the strategy and adventure genre of recent years

This is Fortnite: where does the success of the most important video game of 2018 come from?

The law of the strongest

Fortnite was released in mid-2017 as a game of adventure and strategy, whose plot was based on the survival of the human race after an alien attack that turned people into 'husks' (zombies). Very similar to the plot of 'Halo' or the same 'Gears of War'.

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However, at the end of 2017, it was decided to involve a much more interactive game mode among its users. Thus was born Fortnite: Battle Royal (Battle real in Spanish). In this new gameplay, users fight on an island where 100 online participants seek the way to be the only survivor, that is, the winner.

"We thought it would be very 'cool' to combine the mechanics of the" last standing "gameplay with the action of building buildings during the games, so that Fortnite had a unique look and style", said Eric Williamson, chief designer of Fortnite, in an interview with the official Play Station blog.

However, the cartoony graphics offered by the game and the incorporation of such novel details as the inclusion of transitory game modes (for example, being able to play with the infinity gauntlet of Avengers: Infinity War), increase the attraction of the public for the Fortnite.

Multi platform

According to PC Gamer, one of the most important gaming magazines in the United Kingdom and the United States, Fortnite had initially been thought of as a game only for personal computers; But the success shown in presale forced its developers to opt for other types of devices.

Consoles such as Xbox One and Play Station 4 count from July 2017 with the original game; as with the Fortnite: Battle Royal, since it was released independently, in November of the same year.

Recent news reports that, in the coming weeks, the Nintendo Switch will join the family of consoles that host the video game, according to Eurogamer.

"The announcement of Fortnite for Switch should have a special place during the next Nintendo Direct, that is, the streaming that the company does to show news," said El Mundo newspaper.

However, Fortnite has not only been established in the large consoles already named, but has also been interested in the public that makes continuous use of Smartphones.

A month ago, the iPhone decided to open the door to this video game, hoarding close to "one million dollars a day in battle passes," El Clarín reported.

For this, Epic Games has not wanted to miss any opportunity and already announced that in the coming months, Fortnite will be available for cell phones with Android operating system.

Such is the importance given to multiplatforms by Epic Games, that Fortnite is one of the first and few video games that allows a user to participate in a game, for example, from Xbox One, while his playmate connects from a PC. That is, there is no problem of interconnection between the different consoles themselves.

The success numbers

According to Mundo Deportivo, Fortnite has already reached a staggering 3.4 million users playing simultaneously, which, compared to 1.3 million users in February, has been considered a complete success.

In total, more than 50 million people interact in this game. In November 2017, there were only 20 million. This represents an increase of more than 200% of users in just six months.

In addition, entering the economic aspect, Fortnite collected the astonishing sum of 296 million dollars in the month of April, according to the Super Data website. That is to say, that the video game collected 63 million dollars more than it won in the month of March (233 million).

Of course, it is a more than extraordinary figure, considering that the game can be downloaded completely free on all devices in which it has compatibility and that most of the winnings come through purchases made within the game.

With this, Fortnite was catapulted as the number one game in consoles during April, as well as the most important of the adventure genre and PvP (player vs. player) so far in 2018.

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