These are the most valuable brands in Latin America

Mexico and Brazil are the countries with the most valued brands in the region, taking IGNORE INTO account the percentage of growth and how many millions of dollars are worth

These are the most valuable brands in Latin America

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When it comes to naming the most valuable brands in the world, the American giants of technology have the upper hand: Apple, Google, and Microsoft. However, observing the performance of companies in Latin America can show the economic relevance of industries such as brewing and finance in countries such as Brazil and Mexico.

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According to the latest report by BrandZ, prepared by the British marketing company WWP, four beer producing companies, two banking entities and a telecommunications company make up the list of the five most valuable brands in Latin America.

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Mexico houses the most important brands in Latin America

The Mexican brewer Corona is located first. This alcoholic beverage is sold in 120 countries worldwide and in 50 of these nations it is the most imported and consumed beer. According to the data collected by the report, Corona increased its value in the last year by 8% with 8,292 million dollars.

Mexico and Brazil are the countries that have most of the most valuable brands in Latin America. However, the Aztec nation is positioned at the top of the list with eight brands, which correspond to 35% of the total ranking that measures the value of companies through the analysis of categories such as annual profits, global reach and cost of your stock on the stock market.

Brazil ranks second with 34% of brands (five companies). The Skol brewer with a value of 8,263 million dollars and the Bradesco (7,018 million dollars) and Itaú (6,198 million dollars) financial institutions are included here, occupying the second, third, and fourth place in the BrandZ list, respectively.

Skol was the most valuable brand in Latin America during 2016 and 2017, but fell to the number two position after presenting the lowest amount of growth with only 1% of its value. On the other hand, the Bradesco bank was the company that was most valued in the last year of all the companies evaluated in the report, with a 58% growth in its total value.

Chile and Colombia also enter the list

Chile also made a presence in the list of valuable brands in Latin America with five companies; the main one of these is Falabella. This company has been one of the few in South America to be included by Forbes among the 100 most innovative companies on the planet.

Falabella was created in 1958 and today it is located in box number six of BrandZ. Its value increased by 32%, reaching 6,048 million dollars.

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For its part, Colombia enters the ranking of the 20 most valuable brands in Latin America with only one company: the Águila brewery. This corresponds to 7% of the total of the BrandZ list and is positioned in the number nine box with a value of 3,924 million dollars.

Although many Latin American brands in the last decade have registered significant growth, they are still well below the value of the most valuable companies on the planet. While Apple - the most powerful company in the world - has a value of 182,800 million dollars, Corona (the most valuable in Latin America) only reaches 8,292 million dollars.

The 10 most valuable brands in Latin America

1. Corona (Mexico): 8,292 million dollars

2. Skol (Brazil): 8.263 million dollars

3. Bradesco (Brazil): 7,018 million dollars

4. Itaú (Brazil): 6,198 million dollars

5. Telcel (Mexico): 6.048 million dollars

6. Falabella (Chile): 5,373 million dollars

7. Brahma (Brazil): 4,478 million dollars

8. Globo (Brazil): 4,318 million dollars

9. Águila (Colombia): 3,924 million dollars

10. Bodega Aurrera (Mexico): 3.757 million dollars

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