Look radiant! These are the hairstyle and makeup trends for the summer of 2018

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Dare to renew your look and try these tips that are trend for this season

Look radiant! These are the hairstyle and makeup trends for the summer of 2018

It is never too late to change and choose a different option for your style, a renewal will make you shine and look radiant. It is for this reason that in LatinAmerican Post we want to show you several trends that set the trend in fashion, to renew your hairstyle, and style your makeup. Dare to try and dazzle with these ideas that according to Vogue and Elle are trends for the summer of 2018.

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In this article, we will show you some of the cuts and hairstyles that are setting the tone this year, so you can update your look and be surprised with a stylized and chic image:

1. Cut Courtain Fringe

This haircut is one of the most popular among Hollywood celebrities. It consists of achieving bangs that frames the face as if it were a curtain.

2. Hairstyle Flip Side Hair

Hairstyle Flip Side Hair

This hairstyle consists of subtly accommodating your hair sideways. It is a basic that will make your look look fresh and fashionable.

3. Cut Bob Shaggy

Cut Bob shaggy

This was one of the most used cuts during 2017 that remains at the top of the most stylized for the summer. It is a medium mane with wavy texture and movement at the tips. This style is perfect for fine hair and with little volume.

4. Asymmetric Cutting

Asymmetric Cutting

This look is about using the much shorter hair on the back while on the part of the face it is a slightly longer. It is an ideal style for those who want to try a more daring style.

5. Stylized low queue

Stylized low queue

A ponytail is synonymous of elegance and freshness, as it is an easy to achieve and comfortable hairstyle that will give you a stylized and very fashionable image. There are many celebrities who bet on this hairstyle, which manages to show off the hair length.

On the other hand, makeup is the perfect complement to every look. It makes us feel safe, dynamic, and sexy. The summer of 2018 promises an explosion of design and color trends in cosmetics. This year's concept is "freshness and naturalness". In addition, there will be an adaptation of "vintage" tones and styles, a theme that moves to all the avant-garde of fashion. In LatinAmerican Post, we show you several ideas for you to achieve a stylized makeup and very trend for any occasion:

1. Highlight the look

highlight the look

Your look says it all, it is for this reason that the eyes are a very important part when choosing a style. Eye makeup can achieve a shocking change to the point of getting a captivating look with just a little illuminator and mascara. This year the delineation arrives strong and with new nuances. The lines that are fashionable are those of cat eyes. According to MAC experts for the Vogue magazine, for the delineation one should "draw a triangular line of feline look". According to Vogue, "it is also suggested to change your usual black formula for some other surprise color, such as violet, a color that should be taken IGNORE INTO account in 2018." It is important to highlight that the singularity in the face is key, so a only element in the face that stands out does not need companions, cheer up and achieve a fresh, stylized and glamorous look.

2. A natural skin

A natural skin

Photography Laura tobón: alo.com

The objective of the trend for this year is to achieve a skin with a radiant and natural tone. To achieve this skin texture it is recommended to be very careful with hydration prior to makeup, as well as using a good concealer and a base similar to the original tone of your skin. It is key to apply the coverage with delicacy and without excess to avoid patches. To maintain naturalness it is not necessary to apply compact powder and, finally, it is important to apply illuminator in the T zone of the face, which will allow us to achieve a natural light effect.

3. Bright formulas for the lips

Bright formulas for the lips

A layer of lip-gloss on a liquid lipstick instantly refreshes any look, as it provides vividness and shine. This product was the sensation in the nineties, and reappeared in fashion to stand out and give a striking touch to makeup.

Now, that you know, what do you expect to try these trends and update your look?

Latin American Post | Andrea Espitia
Translated from "¡Luce radiante! Estas son las tendencias de peinado y maquillaje para el verano de 2018"