4K technology: favorite TVs to watch the Russia 2018 World Cup

These are some of the super televisions that will allow you to turn this World Cup into a unique experience


With Father's Day and the 2018 World Cup in Russia just around the corner, many are thinking about changing the old screens of their homes. However, the difficulties arise when choosing between the different models and sizes that are in the market.

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Unlike the past cups, this year the World Cup will be broadcast for the first time in 4K or UHD resolution; which, broadly speaking, means that it will have an image and level of detail four times greater than before with Full HD screens.

Due to its large number of pixels (3840 x 2160), the 4K resolution allows "capture details, colors and figures that would otherwise go unnoticed, ensuring a fidelity of the image close to a cinematographic level," explains the newspaper El País.

Get to know some of the super televisions that, according to "LaTeclainfo", "La Vanguardia" and "RevistaGQ", will allow you to turn this world cup into a unique experience:

1. Bravia 4K HDR: this model has Ultra HD 4K technology and high dynamic range (HDR), which gives it exceptional detail, color and contrast. According to the company, "the result is the most vivid and realistic image televisions have been able to create." On the other hand, its ClearAudio + sound system perfects the TV's audio generating an enveloping effect but with a unique clarity and differentiation of sounds.

2. Sony KD-77A1: it has a screen size of 77 inches and with Sony's own technology called "Triluminos", which consists of offering a wider color palette and more natural images. As for the sound, the Acoustic Surface allows it to be projected from all parts of the screen.

3. Samsung QLED Q9FN: with a resolution of 3840x2160 pixels, the TVs in this range reproduce the color volume 100% and its Ambient Mode allows it to be camouflaged with the wall thanks to the emission of a diffused light in the back of the device.

4. Philips, OLED973: it has a 65-inch screen and its Ambiligth system projects a led illumination on the walls that surround the TV, making the load on the view much smoother. Since each pixel can be dimmed or turned off independently, the OLED accurately reproduces all the details, which will not allow you to lose sight of the ball or the fastest matches.

5. Sony Bravia A1 OLED: in terms of quality and technology, this is one of the most complete proposals of the brand. It achieves a depth of unique blacks and contrasts and the listening experience is based on actuators on the back of the screen that create an enveloping sound. It has options for recording content in external memories, which is very useful if you are going to miss a game.

Finally, when buying, keep in mind that if you already made the decision you should try to see the models you are considering in real life and analyze their particularities, advantages, and disadvantages.


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Translated from "Tecnología 4K: televisores favoritos para ver el Mundial Rusia 2018"

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