Photo editing apps: our recommendations for a dreamy Instagram profile

These apps will make the photos of your next holiday look fabulous enough to make you Insta-famous

Photo Editing Apps

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Holidays are around the corner and most of us have booked out next exotic vacation. As Instagram and photo sharing platforms have become an integrated part of our lives and a basic filter won’t do the magic anymore, we’ve selected some mobile apps for editing and resizing your travel pictures. If you dream of becoming the next Influencer or travel corespondent/ blogger, or perhaps you just want to have perfect pictures, check these apps out.

SNAPSEED is available for free on Apple and Google Play. The pre-set filters that users will find in the “looks” section are similar to the ones offered by Instagram but the “tools” section gives us the option to play with contrast, intensity and exposure, creating amazing photos from the less- than- stellar original ones. The “drama” feature will create “dramatic” photos, “retrolux” gives a more vintage look to out shots and “portrait” is perfect for focusing on the face of the subject against a darker backdrop.

VSCO is available for free on Apple and Google Play. This app is considered a classic among Influencers and Instagram aficionados. Similar to Instagram, VSCO is a photo-sharing platform that includes photo editing features. Compared to other apps, VSCO is a more advanced platform suited for (semi-) professional photographers or users who already have some knowledge of photography and editing. 

Prisma Photo Editor is available for free on Apple and Google Play. However, if users want to download their pictures in high resolution, they need to pay a monthly or yearly subscription which is automatically renewed. With over 100 mil users worldwide and awards and titles like App of the Year 2016, Prisma has become a favorite of the Instagram-loving crowd. This app offers over 250 unique styles and has amazing filters which will transform your pictures in works of art. This app is the best choice for art lovers who want to transform their holiday pictures into digital paintings. Prisma uses styles similar to the ones applied by Pablo Picasso, Vincent van Gogh, or Edvard Munch, creating sketches, paintings, and modern art works from your own photos.

Adobe Photoshop Express Editor is currently on number 10 on the Top Charts of Free Apps in the Apple App Store. Adobe Photoshop is an app for professional photographers or users who take photography seriously. Thanks to the image-editing toolkit, users can correct any mistake, while the filters, frames and collages bring some fun into the game. The auto- fix feature is an excellent choice for users who want a fast fix as it adjusts exposure and contrast, and through customization and the “looks” feature, users can improve every aspect of their photos. Users will also enjoy the Photo Lab filters which are something like a digital photo booth. Thanks to the Adobe Photoshop Editor, users can play with crazy effects and stylish filters while editing their available photos. Furthermore, the automatic face detection is a great feature for selfies while the photo-to-art effects transform your personal pictures into digital work of arts. The app is available for a monthly subscription of $ 4.99/ month or $ 9.99/ year.


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