Say goodbye to Bikinis: this is the new wave of one-piece swimsuits

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The emblematic bikini stops trending this 2018 and gives way to the classic one-piece: here you'll find everything you need to look stylish on your next beach vacation

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The bikini has been a polemic and emblematic garment since its appearance. However, this summer the classic swimsuits in one piece are those that will be protagonists. These beachwear items are characterized by generating an optical effect "that lengthens the legs and stylizes the figure", according to the website TKM.

Due to the upcoming holiday season, for sure you are looking for the perfect swimsuit. In Latin American Post we show you the trends in colors, prints and designs so that you have clarity when making your choice:

1. Prints

According to Fucsia this season we will see prints inspired by the nineties. The white polka dots on a beige background are shown as favorites of the moment.

According to Vogue, another of the prints recommended for this summer are florals, in bright colors that will allow to achieve a cool and very chic style.

The striped prints will also come strong this summer, leaving you to appreciate colorful and very youthful designs.


2. Colors

According to the website construyendoestilo.com yellow is the color of this season. Red, fuchsia and turquoise are among the most prominent. Green predominates in jungle prints and there is always room for black and white if you are a more serene and demure person. It should be noted that for this summer monochrome pieces are the most popular, in many cases without prints, although this does not mean that it is only the fashion guideline, since there are several designs with vintage prints and very colorful that lead possibilities for this 2018 according to the TKM portal.

3. Designs

In terms of design we will find cuts with a halter neck, which according to Vogue Spain is the trend neckline, as well as styles with layers better known as "layering", asymmetrical styles that will generate new shapes on the silhouette of women. Additionally the lace-up details on the shoulders or in the center, will mark the pattern of several designs for this season.

4. The accessories

It is important to complete your beach look with the appropriate accessories. Among the ideal pieces for the summer of this year are the kimonos, the printed camisoles, the hats, the XXL rings and the bamboo or wicker handbags (The latest trend in the street style) according to TKL .


You know, whatever the tone or pattern you choose, the most important thing is your comfort. What do you expect to renew your beachwear and accessories to look serene, bright, colorful and very fashionable during this summer?

LatinAmerican Post | Andrea Espitia

Translated from "Adiós al Bikini: así es la nueva ola de los trajes de baño de una sola pieza"