How far will Instagram go?

IGTV is the new Instagram feature that becomes the direct competition for YouTube

How far will Instagram go?

Instagram became the trendy platorm for the majority of people who use social media, with a boom so strong that in its beginnings it took ahead to Snapchat and then it became the direct competition of its mother company Facebook after the success of its "Stories" (a feature that allows you to publish videos with a short duration that disappears at 24 hours) and your choice of "streaming" or live streaming. Many Facebook users have moved to Instagram because of the versatility and aesthetics of the tools it offers.

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Instagram has grown in an amazing way: in September of last year it announced having 800,000 users, and currently it is surpassing the 1000 million users, a really shocking and radical change in the digital platforms.

It is clear that this platform is going through its best moment in the network.

With the arrival of IGTV, a feature that allows you to upload videos of up to one hour, it will surely become the platform of choice for content creators. You can also market directly, which is a great tool and an excellent strategy for users who want to market their product, brand, or store, along with all this includes the option to add links to social networks and web pages.

Instagram definitely became the teacher of social networks and without a doubt seeks to directly wipe out the YouTube platform becoming its direct video competition. However, there are some limitations of the new app.

The vertical format that is handled is a great limitation of this application in my concept. Surely many audiovisual producers and content producers do not agree with the format and will continue to make content in a horizontal "cinema" type, a format that for my aesthetic definition and visual is much richer in terms of spatiality and composition. Today most professional photographs and videos are made in a horizontal way because it is believed to be a more natural format and more like reality. This format transmits equilibrium and stability in the frame, which IGTV does not offer, so it is a great limitation in the future for some potential users.

The vertical frames are not natural, which forces the individual to strain the view in reading it. This format is known as a portrait frame, and we see it evidenced when we make stories or transmit live from Instagram, it is a perfect format for the "influencers" of the new era, who are sure to benefit most from this application. As I see it, it is designed for this type of people who seek credibility by talking about a subject of their specialty, and as the name says, influencing the user or consumer, becoming representative figures in online marketing campaigns. Thus their list of followers increases day by day and makes them "entrepreneurs of the web", so to speak.

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Regardless of its limitations, it is clear that Instagram has marked the history of social networks in a very short time and has become one of the most desired networks in the world. This platform has given a total turn to what it presented at the beginning, when it was a simple photo application; now is the portal where anyone can become a creator of content, something that years ago was not conceived so easily due to certain limitations such as equipment, production, achievements and operators, currently with a cell phone and this application most of these functions are achieved.

The ease offered by this platform could be ruining not only some platforms around it, it also interferes with the future of many audiovisual producers who work hand in hand with these "influencers", "Youtubers", and content producers.

Today we already talk about IGTV as a platform that allows you to upload videos up to 60 seconds, as one of the most important tools included, in the future we will talk about Instagram as a platform with a number of possible applications such as: video editing, sound, you could even get to implement the horizontal format, and this would be another fatal blow for YouTube.


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