Is Europe trying to stop the massive arrival of migrants and refugees?

While the French president proposed to create places for the disembarkation of migrants and refugees, in the EU there is a discussion about controlled centers. Learn here more about it

Is Europe trying to stop the massive arrival of migrants and refugees?

On June 23, the president of France, Emmanuel Macron, proposed in his meeting with the Spanish president Pedro Sánchez the creation of immigrant "landing centers". This in order to generate order in the arrival of migrants and in the process to establish destinations, taking into account the European quota policy. However, the European Union (EU) also discusses the creation of refugee centers where asylum applications are analyzed before reaching European territory is also discussed.

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The French president's announcement came after the crisis that arose from the ship "Aquarius", which Italy refused to receive and which was finally received on the Spanish coast. "In the centers, the migratory situation of the refugees would be managed and from there they would be distributed to the member countries of the EU or their deportation would be organized," said Macron and Sánchez at the press conference after their meeting.

Opening possibilities or closing the doors?

The Spanish president proposed in his inauguration speech "to reinforce, from the European Union, the dialogue, necessary and inevitable, with the countries of transit and origin of immigration." This in order to generate an immigration policy that benefits the Union and also the migrants.

The proposal that is already being debated in the European Union comes from the meeting between the French President Emmanuel Macron and the German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The idea is to create controlled centers, where not only the human rights of migrants are respected, but priority is given to the people who really need to mobilize.

In this proposal, there is Egypt as an option to establish the first center, since this is a point of congruence of migrants from Asia and Africa. There, the EU officials would process all the petitions, one by one, and only those who are entitled to international protection would be transferred to Europe. There would be another debate because of the countries that refuse any kind of distribution by quotas of migrants since 2015, as the newspaper El Mundo of España has reported.

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On the other hand, the new Macron proposal sees the possibility that in the landing centers it is the place to make the analyzes of asylum applications. However, the coastal countries of the Mediterranean, mainly Italy, expressed themselves in the European Parliament at the idea, since only they would be the ones who attend the landing in the first instance.

Either of the two ideas aims to stop the massive arrival of migrants and refugees in Europe since the control of them would increase. So the two ideas intend to make a funnel to the continent and stop the massive entry.

The right strongly faces migration

The anti-immigration discourse has brought power to the right in Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia and now Italy where in the recent elections it emerged triumphantly. It has touched it in France, the Netherlands and in Germany, where Merkel has found it difficult to agree with the coalition that keeps her in the executive.

Most of the countries already mentioned, and notably, Denmark and Austria, said it in the European Parliament when the idea began to be debated at the beginning of May. "Refugee camps, far from the borders of the Union," said one of the Austrian representatives, Heinz K. Becker. "A place to take those rescued at sea and where applications would be processed. Centers paid by the EU, for which the Member States are happy to give money if someone removes the problem from their borders," Becker explained at a press conference.


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