Three favorite braids of celebrities to wear this summer

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The days of summer approach with intensity and while some choose to wear a bob style, those with XL hair look for a way to shrink their hair with miraculous products or braids

Three favorite braids of celebrities to wear this summer

Since ancient times braids have been a way of communication. There are records of them from ancient Egypt to the medieval period in Europe. Even this popular hairstyle not only gives an account of the fashions that have gone through countless cultures, but also have told stories, because some black slaves in America came to use them to draw maps with escape routes. For that reason, and for the comfort they provide, it is not strange that today wearing braided hair is a trend that is replicated among celebrities from the red carpet to the street. How are they called? How do you get them?

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African braids

Its maximum exemplary these days is Kim Kardashian West, who during the past MTV Movie & TV Awards 2018, took the risk to take them and not only was praise but also harsh criticism, because as the term indicates this type of braids they are the most adopted by the African-American communities. However and beyond the controversy, the hairstyle has become one of the favorites for the season, because they are practical for the summer and because according to the hairdresser Diana Daureo for the portal Hola España, these "allow you to be combed for about three months, forgetting the iron, the dryer and smoothing".



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As recalling the times of Jenny from the block, Jennifer Lopez, has returned to its origins wearing these braids that tied from the root to the tip, not only are suitable for all occasions but they are also comfortable. This hairstyle, widely used by boxers and hockey players, is undoubtedly one of the favorites of celebrities, because with him we have not only found Lopez but also the beautiful Greeicy Rendón. Doing it is very simple and to maintain it according to the hair stylist Alma Buzón in declarations for The World of Spain, it is recommended to apply a gel with fixation on the hair and at the end the hairstyle is fixed with a bit of lacquer so that it lasts as much as possible.




The braids of all life, those that consist of three parts are worn in various ways, either in collected, semi-collected or can compromise all the hair. These are ideal to take on a day at the beach, since doing them does not take too much time, and they are perfect to stay cool. Undoubtedly, the queen of the trend these days is Cataliana Arístizabal who as presenter of the Reality show El Desafío, has been clear from the beginning that the perfect complement to wear her bohemian style on the beach is a braid with soft waves.



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