It is time for the left: What will happen in Mexico now that AMLO is president?

After 18 years of campaign, the candidate of the Morena party will begin to fulfill his electoral promises


A new air breathes in Mexico now that Andrés Manuel López Obrador is president. On the one hand, in terms of International Relations, AMLO will focus on strengthening its internal policy. For him, the best way to make Mexico a relevant country is to strengthen it and focus its efforts on promoting national development, ending insecurity and fighting corruption.

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In his closing campaign at the Estadio Azteca, Obrador stressed that "We will not disrespect the United States government because we do not want anyone to offend the people and the Mexican nation. But Mexico is a free and sovereign country, and will never be a piñata of any foreign government "and assured that he will seek a peaceful solution to the controversies he has had with Trump.

However, the strong character of AMLO will surely clash with that of the US president, which translates into a latent threat to the Free Trade Agreement that Trump has already threatened to cancel on several occasions. However, for Manuel Valencia, a specialist in international relations, this can be a good opportunity for Mexico to strengthen its regional position and its role with Europe and Southeast Asia.



In fact, among the president's great plans is to create an economic and commercial corridor in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec to unite the Pacific with the Atlantic and facilitate the transportation of goods between the countries of Asia and the east coast of the United States.

According to the newspaper La Nación, López Obrador will focus its efforts on supporting domestic producers through subsidies and credits with the aim of achieving food self-sufficiency, so that they will stop buying transgenic seeds.

With his so famous Republican Austerity, which is nothing more than a plan to reduce the government’s spending, AMLO will reduce the salaries of officials including his, eliminate the pensions of former presidents, sell the presidential plane and cancel the New International Airport of Mexico City (NAICM). In total these savings, if approved by the congress, represent one billion Mexican pesos.

Regarding education, no young person will be rejected when entering public high schools and universities, that is, there will be 100% enrollment. Social support programs for the elderly, disabled and single mothers will be increased and peace will return to the country with his strategy to improve security and end corruption.

According to El Economista, everything aims to the Chamber of Deputies between Morena, PRD, Movimiento Ciudadano and PT will have a left majority and will add about 275 and in the Senate about 71, which will facilitate the approval of their public policies so that Advance the country. It only remains to see how much of what was promised by the president will actually be carried out.


Latin American Post | Luisa Fernanda Báez
Translated from “Es la hora de la izquierda: ¿Qué le espera a México ahora que AMLO es presidente?”