Technologies transform the way those who dare experience sex

If you thought that dating apps had revolutionized the way we get along to each other, then these advances in sexual technology will surprise you

These technologies are transforming the way we think and experience sex

Currently, the sex toy industry, alone in the United States, moves around 20,000 million dollars and, according to iD Vice, it is estimated that by 2028 this figure could reach $ 20 billion. It is not uncommon that in such a profitable market more and more people are introducing technology that, years ago, was impossible to relate to human links and sexual pleasure.

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Learn about some of the technologies that are transforming the way we think and experience sex:


According to Times Live, the dildonic are male masturbation devices that are synchronized in real time with any online porn. Taking into account the activities that the person is seeing on the screen, the dildonic heats up, lubricates and tightens, stimulating whoever is using it. In fact, this process can be done with a loved one or a stranger who, at the other extreme, stimulates a stick covered by a sensor that transmits live signals to whoever has the device. In short, giving and receiving masturbations, and oral sex in real time through the Internet is now a reality.

Sexbots (Emma)

The Chinese company Shenzhen Atall Intelligent Robot Technology has arrived with a new version of Emma, ​​the greatest exponent of sex robots. As the company explains on its website, the detail of the skin makes it feel almost human and allows it to self-regulate its temperature to such an extent that it can generate more pleasure than a human companion.

Scientist David Levy, an internationally recognized expert in artificial intelligence and president of the International Computer Games Association (ICGA), predicts that by 2050 the technology will have progressed to the point where "humans will fall in love with the robots, the humans will marry the robots and the humans will have sex with robots, everything as (what will be considered) "normal" extensions of our feelings of love and sexual desire towards other humans."

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Virtual reality

A large part of our sexual pleasure is experienced in the brain. Therefore, with virtual games such as Worldcraft making these encounters more and more realistic, it will no longer be necessary to have a real partner. However, virtual reality applied to sex can become much more revolutionary if it is used to change the way we educate ourselves about it. Changing the archaic and irrelevant material with which we have been educated for decades, this technology of empathy becomes an opportunity to get interested in the subject and avoid the consequences that can result from a bad education.

According to Phys.org, some of these technologies, beyond giving pleasure to those who use them, can help transgender people. There is already a wide range of penis and vagina prostheses that, using biomimetics and sensory feedback, add feelings to the function and become more acceptable than surgery for some.

While we can enter into discussions about the ethical implications of these innovations, there is no doubt that in the future physical technologies can be complementary to virtual ones, and fantasy can triumph over reality.


LatinAmerican Post | Luisa Fernanda Báez

Translated from "Estas tecnologías están transformando la manera en que pensamos y experimentamos el sexo"

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